Question: Custom lib can't call other libs

Hi there,


i've wirtten a library for maple12, say "MyLib", which is given by the files "MyLib.ind" and "MyLib.lib".

I've done this via

> restart;  
>  march('create', "<path>/MyLib.lib", 1);
> read "functions.txt";
> savelibname:="<path>";
> savelib( `MyLib` );

where "functions.txt" is given as

MyLib:= module()
 export f1, f2;
 local g1, g2; 
 option package;


end module;

with given functions and a certain <path>.


The problem is as follows:

if f1 calls a procedure, say "AnotherPackage[h]()", it seems to interpret that as a symbol instead of a call.

For instance: If I try to use it via

> with(AnotherPackage);
> with(MyLib);
> f1();

leads to "h()" instead of the call to h. What is wrong and how do I get rid of this?

Thanks in advance!

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