Question: Fastest way to scan a Sequence (long-term)



  • Not processing matrics, vectors, or equations (as members).
  • Decided sequence Data Structure for an element addressable DS, is most liking to my needs.

Task at Hand:

  • Processing integers consecutive from 1 to 10,000 (later upto one million) for multiple properties.
  • Presumed marking of a memeber to indicate T/F.
  • (later) Although, in time, to perhaps? place a sequence inside that member, for additional degrees of marking, or "bigger data" too.
  • Example: bag_list[ 3] := 1; BL[5] 1, 7 1, 11 1, 13 1, 17 19 23 ...
  • ie, Marking the primes.

Proceeding into - later uses of: Will search the result sequence for properties of the properties. Such as.

  • Twin primes
  • Primes of 6k-1 form
  • Triangular numbers - and anything.

Part 2:

  1. What am I asking help about?
  2. Do you guys & gals agree this is a good approach?
  3. DYGG have a suggestion, for best practices? How to store the data sest, Maple code structures to process it with?
  4. My inclination is towards the Do loop - over For.
  5. Since, this is a long term project. Processing in stages, over weeks / months / or years? Hrmmm

Lastly, this is a huge Math Space to explore. Performing it, I will prefer to store & later re-retrieve my BL / main data structures.

Using Maple 12, full version. Have access to newer, though waiting for a new computer, for it. At the moment, stay out of concerns for multi-core and threading. However, if "a big basic issue" is present about that detail - feel free to reply, if you like.


That is about it. Thank you for your help. Have been reading the Programming and Adv. Prging manuals. Although, not done yet. Working examples.

Glen R

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