Question: maple 10 and maple 14 - piecewise functions


I was trying out piecewise functions as we have a question on them on our assignment. When I did this question in Maple 10 (our uni has this version), I got the answer, but when I type the same thing on Maple14(I use this version), I got the following:

u(x,0) := piecewise(x < -h, 0, -h <x and x <h, 1, h<x, 0);
Error, invalid left hand side in assignment

I know it is something to do with u(x,0) because it works fine when I put u instead of the whole thing. But it works on maple10. Can someone tell me what I can do to make it work on maple14, as I want to do a quesiton on it.

Thanks in advance!


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