Question: Simple question re: integration (multivar)

Say I have an equation like

equation:= (r,theta) -> J(0,5*r)*sin(r)*theta

(where J is BesselJ)

and I want to integrate 'equation' over 'r=0..5' or any other limit. 

With, "Int(trial2(r, theta), r = 0 .. 5)" or even by using "int" instead of "Int", I'm not able to solve the integral. Even by using 'evalf' I get the same result back. 

If I get rid of the 'theta' term from 'equation', of course the integration ends up as a real number solution, which is what I want. 

So the question is, how do I stop Maple from thinking 'theta' has 'r' dependence? It seems that's what is keeping it from solving the integral. 


Thank you!

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