Question: error on curve fitting to find the constant and plot graph

I used the answer given in maple 10,  the error below happened, can you commen on it



> X:=<1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10>:

> Y:=3.7,9.39,23.09,58.60,153.41,309.43,1103.63,2988.98,1112.08,22036.47>:

Error, `:` unexpected

> eqn:=a*x+exp(b*x):

> solution:=Statistics:-fit(eqn,X,Y,x,output=parametervalues);

Error, fit is not a command in the Statistics package

> solved_eqn:=eval(eqn,solution);

Error, invalid input: eval received solution, which is not valid for its 2nd argument, eqns


> P1:=plot(<X|Y>,style=point,color=red):

Error, (in Matrix) this entry is too tall or too short: Y


> P2:=plot(solved_eqn,x=min(X)..max(X),color=green):

Error, (in simpl/min) arguments must be of type algebraic

> plots:-display([P1,P2]);

Error, `plots` does not evaluate to a module

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