Question: Why can't VectorCalculus[Jacobian] take vectors?

why won't VectorCalculus[Jacobian] accept vectors?

... to prevent me from frying my system? or is it an unnecessary restriction?

Here's what I mean:
Fvec := Vector([x[1]*x[2],3*x[3]]);
Xvec := Vector([x[1],x[2]]);
Flst := [x[1]*x[2],3*x[3]];
Xlst := [x[1],x[2]];

Error, invalid input: too many and/or wrong type of arguments passed to VectorCalculus:-Jacobian; first unused argument is Vector(2, {(1) = x[1], (2) = x[2]})

I've got vectors and it's inconvenient to have to convert into lists each time, or am I missing something essential?


P.S. Oh and I miss the good old days when you could just copy-paste output into mapleprimes and not get the useless matrix id% = 31415926 business

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