Question: default setting for point probe and manipulator

It's possible for a user to set many defaults within a Maple session. One feature I do not see how to customize is the "point probe" tool. In earlier versions of Maple there was only one mode, and the coordinates of the cursor within a 2D plot were displayed in the context bar of the Maple window.

Now, there are several different modes for viewing coordinates within a plot. By default, the point probe shows nothing about the current location of the cursor. To change the point probe for one plot, right click and select Probe Info from the context menu, then choose one of "Cursor position", "Nearest datum", or "Nearest point on the line".

This has to be repeated for each plot.

Is there a way to set the default?

This works only when the plot "Manipulator" is set to "Point Probe". If it's set to Pan or Scale, this needs to be changed via the icons on the plot toolbar or through the Manipulator entry on the context menu.

Along the same lines, is there a way to set the default Manipulator to Pan or Scale?

Relevant help pages are worksheet,plotinterface,pointprobe and worksheet,plotinterface,manipulatormenu

If not, these would be nice features to have added for Maple 15.


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