Question: How can I release the occupied memory through matrix, sequence and list without using "restart" command?


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I have a question about releasing a part of memory occupied by some lists, sequences and matrices, for example matrix "M" or list "L".

If we use the following commands to allocate amount of memory for a matrix or list:


where equ[i] is a large equation with respect to variable x.

Now, if we want to clear all of matrix "M" or list "L" or a part of then (for example, for indexes between 1 to 1000 (M[1..1000,1..1000] and L[1..1000]), how can we do it?

The following commands can clear data of matrix "M" or list "L", however the occupied memory through "M" and "L" can not be released.


The following commands can not also remove the occupied memory.


How can we clear the content of "M" and "L" and release the occupied memory without using "restart" command?

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