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I just got this problem and I don't know how to plot it. Plot the first 300 terms of the sequence a(1) = 0.8, a(n+1) = 4a(n)(1-a(n)). I can tell maple to calculate the first 300 terms, but I don't know how to graph it. this is the command i used for calculating those terms. for n from 1 to 300 do a(n+1):=4*a(n)*(1-a(n));od;
Hello, I have a problem with this implicit equation: > eq:=(x^2+4*y)^2+(x+y^2)^2=65 I can find the tangent line for a point on the curve, e.g. (-2,1). This is the slope on the point. > a:=subs(y=1,x=-2,implicitdiff(eq,y,x)); It will give this tangent line. > tanline:=a*(x+2)+1; Here's a plot: Image and video hosting by TinyPic But now I want to find the locations of its extreme values. That's where I got stuck. The tangent line must be horizontal so dy/dx = 0. So I have to the implicit equation for the condition dy/dx=0. For explicit functions it's not that hard, e.g.:
> p:=x->log[b](x); p := x -> log[b](x) > o:=x->b^x; x o := x -> b > fsolve( p(x) = o(x) , {x,b} ); Error, (in fsolve) number of equations, 1, does not match number of variables, 2 I need to find the location (x,y) where they touch each other, thanks for the help.
What do I have to change in the settings to get numerical results from simple expressions using symbols? In other words, when I enter something like 2 x pi or e, I want the numerical answer, or rather something that reads 6.28... As it is, it just returns 2 x pi again.
There are lots of posts on MaplePrimes with Wei Xi Fan telling us that "this issue has been tracked". I'm always happy to hear that, but I think a subtle alternative would be better: I would write in red at the bottom of the original report "Note: this issue has been reported to Maplesoft's internal bug tracking database." Make it sound kind of ominous, as if the offending bug will surely be crushed. Also, I think a message in red on the original post is better than a reply which appears somewhere down the page. Of course for this to work, it would have to be easy (one click?) for company
I am exporting 3d shapes generated by plot3d/surf3d to postscript, here is a comparison between my 11-year old copy of Maple from when I was a Freshman (left), and my current version(right): torus :( I've pretty much given up fiddling with the settings in Maple 11 to improve the quality; at this point, I'm wondering if anyone has any idea how to modify the .ps file itself to get rid of the thin diagonal lines that go through every quad in the (right) version. If it's simple enough, I could write a perl script to post-process my plots...
Hiya! I'm at a loss for how to properly generate a set of n x n-matrices of the form [-1]; [[0,-1], [-1,0]]; [[0,0,-1], [0, -1, 0], [-1, 0, 0]] ... and so on, for n from 1 to an arbitrary value. I've had a good look at the constructer options for Matrix() but failed to spot the proper solution. I'd like to do so in a loop or seq, so I can perform the needed operations on them, without having to keep a lot of arbitrary variables. Any good hints or tips?
Hi guys. How do I plot the solutionpoint from an optimization as a function of a parameter in an effective way? The problem I'm struggeling with is the following. I'm interested in the optimal E of V := (E,a) -> int(-1/2*E*(-r+E)/r*((1/2*r)^(-1+a)*(1-1/2*r)^(-1+a)/Beta(a,a)),r = E .. 2); for any given a, given 0<>
I am trying to write a procedure that uses LinearAlgebra[SingularValues]. For some reason, the line U,S,Vt := LinearAlgebra[SingularValues](covariance, output=['U','S','Vt']); causes the procedure to give the error message: Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-LA_Main:-SingularValues) invalid output (U) specified However, outside the procedure the same line works perfectly. Any help will be much appreciated!
Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to use Document Components or Maplet Elements from Java? Is there a file that has the library for these components? I use the Netbeans environment, has anyone set up that environment to use Maple libraries? Thanks, Art
I incidently put in an incorrect item response. The deadline has been passed and now I would like to correct the students scores. Is there a way to redo the evaluation of an existing data-base in Maple TA 2.5? Harry Garst
Is there a way to export the item responses to a tab-delimited file in Maple TA 2.5? I would like to analyse the item responses and so far there seems no possibility to transfer the item responses. Only grades can be exported. I hope I am wrong, because it is difficult to understand what the reason is to prevent exporting the responses? Harry Garst
I have the initial and boundary conditions: cond := ro(x, 0) = 0, v(x, 0) = 0, {ro(0, t) = 10, ro(40, t) = 20}, {v(0, t) = 10, v(40, t) = 20}; The PDE system is: sys2 := {diff(ro(x, t), t)+diff(ro(x, t)*v(x, t), x) = 0, diff(v(x, t), t)+v(x, t)*(diff(v(x, t), x))+3*ro(x, t)*(diff(ro(x, t), x)) = 0}; I use: sol1 := pdsolve(sys2, {cond}, numeric, time = t, range = 0 .. 40); values := sol1:-value(); ... When I try to see the values I receive the following error: values(40, 20); Error, (in solnproc) unable to compute solution for t>0.: column vector dimension less than length of sparse data
I am trying to calculate the second derivative of a taylor expansion. Could anyone tell me how to enter this command? Thanks Rachel
Can someone point me in the direction to integrate a maple file into a java program? I made a maple file that has a variable and will output a final graph after long calculations.. What I want is a nice java app where the user can simply type in the variable they want, and a graph is displayed in a window? Just a general kick in the butt to the direction for documentation about such a process would be great! Thanks!
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