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Does anyone know a way to get Maple to take advantage of the type of matrix you are giving it? I have a block toeplitz matrix and am using Maple to find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Thanks in advance :D
Hello, In Maxima integrate(5-(5-x)^2, x) gives... -x^3/3 + 5*x^2 - 20*x However, in Maple 11 int(5-(5-x)^2,x); gives 5*x + (1/3)*(5-x)^3 They're different by 125/3. Why is this? Ty
I am trying to plot an equation containing special functions - namely, elliptic integrals. The goal is to plot equation (16) of the attached file. Any suggestions/guidance is appreciated. View on MapleNet or Download
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I was wondering if Maple can read an inputfile the way tecplot can, or at least plot a huge list of coordinates WITHOUT using the pointplot command (it will take me to long to put all of my coordinates in pointplot's correct input format). I have a list of about 5000 coordinates (x and y) and I want to see y vs x in a 2D graph. Any help is GREATLY appreciated Thanks.
Is there a way to choose the colours? If using it with 'implicitplot' on something like y - x it gives brute red and yellow ...
Hi, I have 2 columns A and B of random numbers each of length N drawn from the same distribution ( I am using a normal distribution but even an uniform distribution will do ). How do I check using Maple that the 2 dimensional random numbers generated as the 2-tuple {A[i],B[i]} (i=1 to sample size N ) are good quality random numbers.
Hello! I have a quasilinear first-order PDE system and Maple gives me only the trivial zero-solution after some seconds of computations. I know from theory that there are nontrivial solutions to the PDE, too. Can I get them somehow (from for example Maple)? This is the PDE: PDE := {diff(alpha[1](u, v), u) = -I*exp(I*u)*beta[1](u, v), diff(alpha[1](u, v), v) = -I*exp(-I*v)*beta[2](u, v), diff(alpha[2](u, v), u) = I*exp(-I*u)*beta[2](u, v), diff(beta[2](u, v), v) = 1/4*I*exp(I*u)*alpha[2](u, v)+1/2*I*exp(I*(v+u))*beta[1](u, v)+1/2*I*(beta[2])(u, v), diff(alpha[2](u, v), v) = -I*exp(I*v)*beta[1](u, v),
I'm having trouble performing what I had supposed was a simple calculation. I'm trying to calculate pairs of values that lie on the binodal (liquid-gas coexistence) curve of the van der Waals phase diagram. I have an equation, that I need to solve for the two variables vg, and vl, based on two constraints. Unfortunately, while the code I have written returns answers, they are wrong, and do not even satisfy the constraints. My code is below - I'd be exceptionally greatful if someone could point out what I am doing wrong, or suggest a better way. > kbd := 1: > bd := 0.5: > ad:=2:
How do I programmatically save the output of "C" code generation to a "cpp" file? I am doing all of these in Matlab via the Maple engine, which is version 10, I guess. I cannot seem to do "writeto" redirection here, because Matlab doesn't allow that I guess. And I like to use "fprintf" because it gives me more control of the code that is generated... If it works, I no longer need copy and paste.. But it didn't work at all. There was no error message, but the file was empty... Can anybody tell me why? Thanks! -------------------- fd:=fopen("trygenC.cpp", WRITE, TEXT)
Hi, It appears that maple has some sort of internal memory restriction, which sometimes causes it to stop during a computation with the following error message: Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation, see ?alloc ..." Browsing through ?alloc, it appears that there's a way to increase this "software limit" , using something they call a "-T cl argument" but I was not able to find just how to go about it. Any idea how this could be done? thanks
bb:=proc(aa, n) add(add(aa[j][k], j=0 .. 5), k=0 .. n) end proc cc:=prep2trans(bb) dd:=C(cc, optimized) ??? Error using ==> maple at 129 Error, (in codegen/C) Unable to translate this subscript into C aa[i2][i1] -------------- I don't understand...
Hello everybody. I'm a newbies here. I would be glad if anyone of you here could please help me to create a maple code to perform a full pivoting where it permits both row and column exchange.The code is to be used to any kinds of nxn square matrix..Thank you..:)
I recently upgraded to Microsoft Excel 2007 and have tried unsuccessfully to tie in to Maple through the ADD-IN function within Excel. A note at the bottom of the spreadsheet says "Initializing Maple..." but nothing happens and the sheet locks up. Any suggestions?
looking for the fastest complex number arithmetics... Hi all, I am looking for the fastest complex number arithmetics. There is one part of my program which needs complex number arithmetics. The final result is a real number. So I had two choices: (1) Using the C++ class, and do all the operations in complex domain, and finally extract out the real part of the result. (2) Calculate the real part of result in closed-form by hand, and program everything in C/C++ in real domain. I used to do (2). And I used Maple to help me obtain the real part of the complex-valued expressions in closed form and generate the C code. The speed is about 10x faster than (1).
f := piecewise( is(floor(x)::odd), 1, 0 ): seq( f(n), n=-5..5 ); plot( f, -5..5 ); produces (Maple 11) the expected output (sequence alternates 1 and 0 - plot is a square wave). Replace the definition of f by f := piecewise( floor(x)::odd, 1, 0 ): and the seq command still operates as expected but the plot shows f=1 between 1 and 2 but otherwise 0. Does anybody know what is going on here? It's probably not important but I am confused. Toby
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