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Hi all, I'm a new user'll forgive me if I've chosen the wrong forum. That's my problem: I've used Maple 10 3 or 4 times since the installation, but the last time I've tried to start it, the window was completely GRAY; after about a minute an error message appeared saying something about a 'peripheral error' and 'restart the computer to restore the system' (...sorry for bad translation from italian), the interesting thing is that the system has changed its graphical settings about the monitor resolution (800*600) and colors (I think 4 or 16). An other information... I noticed that a txt file was created just in that time and placed into maple directory: 'hs_err_pid1136.txt'; opening it you can read 'An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Hi guys ;) I have a question. Is it possible to apply a PID controller with the following parameters(P=6,I=4,D=0.02)to a Non Linear System described with the differentiate equation like this mk*diff(x(t),t,t)+kfv*diff(x(t),t)-(ki^2*u(t)^2*kc)/(mk*(x(t)-x10)^2)-mk*g=0 or in the second form, as two differentiate equations like dx1 := (x1,x2) ->x2; dx2 := (x1,x2) ->((u*ki)^2*kc)/(mk*(x1-x10)^2)-g*mk/mk-kfv*x2/mk; without linearisation in operating point, where u - is input variable, x - position, dx/dt - velocity, d^2x/dt - acceleration ? Thanks for your help.
Delete a file or folder that I no longer want to retain.
Hi. I have a transfer function like this one: y:=(2.5)/((8*s^2+6*s+1)*s); and I can make inverse Laplace transformation in time and plot it by: y1:=invlaplace(y,s,t); plot(y1,t=0..25); I try it also with time delay in transfer function but it doesn`t work. y:=(2.5*exp(-1.5*s))/((8*s^2+6*s+1)*s); > y1:=invlaplace(y,s,t); > plot(y1,t=0..25); So i find a solution in differential equation and make an algorithm to convert transfer function to differential equation. ode := 8*(diff(x(t), t, t))+6*(diff(x(t), t))+x(t) = 2.5*Heaviside(t-1.5); ics := x(0) = 0, (D(x))(0) = 0;
Hi Maple's experts! I have two questions related to "iso-product" lines (in economics): 1. I draw the following graphs F:=plot3d( min(x,30*y), x=0..20, y=0..20): G:=plot3d( min(20*x,y), x=0..20, y=0..20): display({F,G}); a) How could I graph the contourlevels of the "combined" graphic of F and G? b) Obviously, the contourlevels are not convex.. it would be possible to "convexify" that?. 2. How could I do the same a) and b) if F:=plot3d( min(x,30*y), x=0..20, y=0..20): G:=plot3d( min(20*x,y), x=0..20, y=0..20): H:=plot3d( 3*(x*y)^(1/2), x=0..20, y=0..20); display({F,G,H});
I want to compile the appended code snippet from HelpExamples.c into a DLL using MSVC6 and added C:\Programme\Maple10\extern\include as well as C:\Programme\Maple10\ as pathes to the project. After compiling I get the following error message for linking: Linking... Creating library Release/MapleAPI.lib and object Release/MapleAPI.exp MapleAPI.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__ToMapleString@8 It seems that i miss an import library - what should I do (except having a break for some more coffee)? Sh... upload does not work for 2 kB - exceeds maximum file size
I am trying to solve an equation and I receive this: "Error, (in fproc) unable to evaluate expression to hardware floats" Please help
Hello, is it possible to rotate a text so that it appears upside down or any other angle? Thank You very much! Corpuscowboy
My last question was answered so quickly, I thought I would try again:-) I am developing documents for my class in document mode. I want to be able to set the examples up so that if they change the example, then maple will update all of the subsequent calculations connected to it. I think I have that pretty well figured out. My problem is that the flow of the document is interrupted by the necessary maple commands to produce the required output. For example, I have the code "subs(x=-4,(4.2.3))" that is executed to give an equation. It shows the code and then the equation on the next line. I would like to hide the code.
Hello experts! I have the following problem. Considering the graphic: with(plots) p1:= contourplot( x*y, x=0..10, y=0..20, contours=20); p2:= contourplot((10-x)*(20-y)^2,, contours=20); display(p1,p2); How could I draw the line containing (all) the tangency points (of the curves of p1 and p2)? It would be possible to do that with Maple? Thanks in advance for your help, Jean Jacques.
I must be too far gone, my maple 10 will not agree with my TI-89. When I type sin(45) and press enter I get sin(45). Perfect! When I type sin(45.0) I get 0.8509035245 and I am expecting (.70710679). Now when I type cos(45) I get cos(45). Perfect! When I type sin(45.0) I get 0.5253219888 and I am expecting (.70710679). For sin(0) I get 0, but sin(90.0) I get (0.893???)when I am expecting 1.00. Likewise cos(0) I get a 1, but cos(90.0) I get (−.4480736161) when I am expect a zero. I promise that I am not on the sauce. Can anyone help straighten me out?
Hello, I need some help for plotting in Maple 7. I'd like to create a 2D plot that has more than two axes. A boxed plot so to speek but the upper and the right axes need to be labeled as well. Thank you!
How can dsolve be persuaded to yield the solution to a 2nd order ODE in trigonometric terms please? E.g. dsolve({x
Hi - I am having problems generating a latex document from a Maple worksheet under OS X. I'm using Maple 10. When I create even a simple worksheet like: > foo := Matrix([[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]); and try to export it as latex (using the command from the 'File' menu), I have two problems. The first is that the generated latex file has the line: usepackage{maplestd2e} which I belive should be (since I can't find a maplestd2e.sty either in my distribution or on the website): usepackage{maple2e} After making this change and trying to typeset the document I get the following error:
Hi. I have searched the forums and haven't found any topics relating to what I am experiencing. If there are, I apologize and would appreciate a pointer to where I can get more info. I am creating some course content, and am working in document mode so as to make the document easier to view. I am working with Maple 10 on a mac (OSX 10.4.3). My frustration is this: I get very inconsistent behavior when I try to type a math equation in the document. If I have no typesetting (no sections, etc), then things work fine. If I am inside a section, however, and input something in math mode (option-R on a mac), then when I hit enter, instead of seeing the calculation, it just goes to a new line. Sometimes it gives me a calculation, but not often. I
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