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I'm building an application with embedded components. I'm looking for a way to program the slider component so that it will cause an execution group (inside a table cell) to re-execute when the slider is moved. Any ideas? In general, is there any way to execute a line or the entire worksheet programmatically as opposed to the !!! and ! buttons in the toolbar?
What is limit( EllipticF(x*a,r), x=infinity), a and r complex?

The usual 'limit' returns unevaluated.

'MultiSeries:-limit' gives a result, but it seems to be wrong,
especially for a=I, r=1, but also for other values (no, it is
not a question of Digits):

  Tst := [alpha = (-2/(1+2*I*2^(1/2)))^(1/2), 
            rho = ((1+2*I*2^(1/2))/(1-2*I*2^(1/2)))^(1/2)];

  eval(%,x=2^100): # large value instead of limit 


I've written the following procedure and seem to have completely forgotten how to code in Maple!!

> restart:
> p:=proc(n,int)
>   local k,s,i;
> for k from 2 to n do
> s[n]:= 2*sum(s[i]*s[n-i],i=1..n-2)+s[n-1]; end do:
> eval(s[n],n=k);
> end:
> p(2);p(3);p(4);p(5);p(10);

The above code yields results in terms of the expression s[i]. How do get my procedure to actually add it all up. For example p(10) should equal 103049? Many thanks.

what are 2 numbers between 2,022 and 2,023?

Hi- I've been trying to figure out how I can customize a palette so that includes unicode characters that aren't included in any palette already. I have a habit of using symbols from languages that aren't customary in the math world for some of my work. I use a lot of Japanese characters as well as some from various other languages.

Hi everyone,

Here is a problem that I couldn't solve:

I've written a procedure to perform some tasks, and I want it to plot some results as output, in addition to the equations of those plots (I don't think the details of the procedure are necessary at this stage, but I'll be happy to provide if needed). My problem is: Each procedure can only plot a single picture. I know Maple can plot several graphs in one plot region, but is it possible to do the converse?

For example:

The attached document shows you how to solve an initial value problem. Moreover, it shows you how to use Maple's ODE analyzer which makes it really fast and easy to solve and plot the solutions of differential equations.

Maple's powerful notation allows you to enter math expressions that look natural.

The following steps will show you how easy it is to write expressions.

Example 1:  Write   2*x/5

  1. If you're on the Student Center forums, click on the red maple leaf to insert maple ma

In Maple, suppose we would like to enter the function f(x)=3*x+7 and we want to know what the function is at x=3.

Below are a few simple steps that will show you how to achieve this.

  1. Make sure you're in math mode. Type f, followed by a colon [:] and an equal sign [=]. The colon-equals notation assigns the content on the right-hand side to a variable name on the left-hand side. I

Maple is amazing at making secret codes.

First, let's learn two quick words. To "encrypt" a message means that you have transformed your message such that it is unreadable by others.

And to "decrypt" means to transform it back to your original message, also known as code breaking.

We will encrypt and decrypt our original message "Hello new Maple users !".

message :="Hello new Maple users !"



What's happening is simple, I wrie in maple 3/2, press enter and maple shows 3/2 in the result, right click there....then Numeric Formatting, I choose Fixed (with 2 decimals) and maple changes the result

1,50 instead of 1.50.       


How can I change this???     Note: My windows is in Spanish but I have configured the dot as decimal point


Thanks a lot!!!

I don't know if th e Subject Explains my problem...

But I'll expalin

I have a vector column (44 rows), and I want to assign the first 22 rows to a another vector and storage it in a variable and the same with the other 22 rows. How can I achieve this???

By the way, with this same vector, when I print the page, maple "cuts" the vector and the whole vector is not printed, is there any way to solve this??


Thanks a lot!


I'm trying to work out how the Global Optimization Toolbox works and I thought I got it working. However, when I increase the ranges of the parameters over which the Toolbox should look for the solution (but still including the previous range), the outcome of the optimization changes, i.e. the toolbox finds different optimal parameter values and a different, and often higher, Sum of Squares (which is my evaluation criterium). I don't understand what I'm doing wrong!

An example:

No relation apparently.  Is there a computer algebra system with a nice snappy name that can actually be trademarked?

Hi All!

I have recently purchased Maple-12.0 (CD based) from the local reseller in India. While trying to install in my x86_64 laptop, it gives the following error


kiara:[%3] /media/cdrom> ./installMapleLinux
Preparing to install...
Extracting the JRE from the installer archive...
The included VM could not be extracted. Please try to download
the installer again and make sure that you download using 'binary'
mode.  Please do not attempt to install this currently downloaded copy.

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