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The following website contains worksheets written in an early version of Maple.

I would like to import worksheets 5.1 and 5.2 and work with them in Maple 2016. Is this possible?

Clicking on the worksheet id, e.g. 5.1, displays an .mws worksheet written in HTML which is not supported as an import format.

I'm currently working on compressing audio files using DCT to remove the frequencies that only contribute marginally to human perception of the sound. To do this, I'd like to do as the attached image describes. Sadly, I'm having trouble plotting the values of the DCT-coefficients as done in figure 6.4 b) and d). 

Any help would be kindly appreciated.

write a maple to find occrunces of 5 in a die.

write a maple script to find whether the given function is one one or onto

given a binary sequence of length n ,how many sequence of length n can be generated such that there are no 2 adjacent 0's.

write a procedure to find the permutation of word LEADING considering {E,I,A} together .



I am solving a problem using the homotopy perturbation problem, I have the code already but I don't know how to fix my f0(eta) = 1 - e^-(eta). f0(eta) is the assumed solution. 



Why don't these two work?

(f@seq)(i, i = 1 .. 2);
                        f(i, i = 1 .. 2)

(f@add)(i, i = 1 .. 2);
Error, (in simpl/relopsum) invalid terms in product: 1 .. 2

I was expecting f(1, 2) and f(3).


I would like to ask, if somebody knows whether the CAD Toolbox is included in the students version and if not how much is it?



Could you please help me in solving this problem ?

  • N is the number of row, about 10^4 in real applications
  • P is the number of columns (about 5)
  • A and B are two NxP matrices
  • C is the Nx(2P) matrix defined by
    • its 2*k-1 th column is the k th column of A
    • its 2*k th column is the k th column of B

What is the fastest and less memory consumming way to construct this matrix C ?

Thanks in advance



I have a matirx

where ci and si represent cos(θi) and sin(θi), respectively. I need to substitute

What is the right way of using trigsubs command?


collect((sqrt(x)+y)^2, [x, y], distributed);

I think this is wrong. Documentation says that collect supports fractional powers of the variables, so in this case collect should return x+2*sqrt(x)*y+y^2.

Why when I write (9b2 - r2 - a2 cos(theta)2)2 maple changes to (r2+ a2 cos(theta)2 - 9b2)2 ? Would anyone know how to block this change?


write a maple script to find the relation on set s is




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