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thank you very much for your precious help. It is my exact mean.

Best regards,

No, I am not looking for a parametric curve and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t clear my mean.

I want g(x) on the horizontal axis and f(x) on the vertical axis. For example, we have g(x)=1+cos(x) and f(x)=sin(x) that x varies from 0 to pi/2.


Your answer isn’t my mean:

How can we plot f(x)-g(x) where we consider them as f=f(x)=sin(x) and g=g(x)=1+cos(x)? It’s clear that we must see (g=1,f=1)-related to x=Pi/2- or (g=2,f=0) –related to x=0-, for example, on the plotted graph.


Thanks a lot for your precious helps. But I need these characters as two numbers, namely I want a= 0.989950166993563974 and b= -1.00994983384860437 in that procedure and I want to use them as the numbers so that when I write a+b; in that procedure, maple gives me   -.0199996670.How can I do it?




Hello dear Joe,


Thanks a lot for your kindness and revising my procedure. I don’t understand your last statement:

“Finally, using with(plots) inside a procedure does not work.  What you want to do is remove that statement and change display to


I don’t quite get your meaning. Does it mean that the Maple’s packages don’t work in a procedure? And is it possible to write clear form of “plots:-display(...);” which you mentioned in your message?


Thank you very much,

Werner Melzer

I think you can use "textplot" command  for your purpose.

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