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My teacher promotes getting help from other people. and I would ask him but he won't be in his office until later and i won't be able to get there later. so i need help and this is my only outlet.
This is what it is supposed to look like and it works fine but my teacher was telling me that i would be able to add the background items right after the translate stuff, withing the pic:= at the end and that's were my problem lies. pic:=t->display3d({ translate(rotate (translate(tube,t,0,0),0,0,t),-t,0,0) }); t -> display3d({plottools:-translate( plottools:-rotate(plottools:-translate(tube, t, 0, 0), 0, 0, t), -t, 0, 0)}) display3d( seq(pic(t/10),t=0..60), insequence=true):
I am now trying to display the animated tubeplot and some other objects in the background. But I am having trouble doing this. my teacher says to use the translate and rotate commands but i keep getting an error message what should the code look like. Packages: with(plots):with(plottools): Tornado: Actual Tornado: tube:=tubeplot([20*t*cos(t),20*t*sin(t),20*t], t=0..10*Pi, radius=-100*exp(.00001*t), tubepoints=10, numpoints=100, color=grey, frames=30): Animated Tornado: rotating around: display([animate(tubeplot,[[20*t*cos(t+s)+200*s,20*t*sin(t+s), 30*t], t=0..20*Pi, radius=-100*exp(.00001*t), tubepoints=20, numpoints=100, color=grey, style=patchnogrid], s = 0 .. 2*Pi), spacecurve([[0,0,-50],[400*Pi,0,-50]],colour=black)], scaling=constrained,orientation=[90,80],lightmodel=light4): Background: House: bottom: cube:=polygonplot3d({ [[1,1,1],[1,1,-1],[1,-1,-1],[1,-1,1]], [[-1,1,1],[-1,1,-1],[-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,1]], [[1,1,1],[-1,1,1]],[[1,1,-1],[-1,1,-1]], [[1,-1,1],[-1,-1,1]],[[1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1]] },style=patch,scaling=constrained, thickness=5, color=blue): display(cube,color=blue): top tri := (x1,x2,x3)->polygonplot3d( map( (x->convert(x,list)), [x1,x2,x3] ), thickness=2 ): Rz:=theta->array([ [cos(theta),-sin(theta),0],[sin(theta),cos(theta),0],[0,0,1]]): Rz(theta): r:=(sin(Pi/2)): h:=1+sqrt(1+r^2): sides:=display( {seq(tri( evalm(Rz(Pi/2)^(k)&*[r,1,1]), evalm(Rz(Pi/2)^(k+1)&*[r,1,1]), [0,0,h]), k=1..4) } ): display3d(sides,axes=normal): house: display3d({cube,sides},style=patch, orientation=[61,43],color=red, scaling=constrained, axes=none): Clouds: Cloud 1: using an ellipse a := 3: b := 2: x0 := 4: y0:=7: cloud1:= ellipse([x0,y0], a, b, filled=true, color=navy): Cloud 2: using a ellipse c:=14: d:=8: x1:=9: y1:=0: cloud2:=ellipse([x1,y1], c, d, filled=true, color=navy): display3d(cloud2,scaling=constrained): Final Animation: display3d({ (rotate(translate(tube,t,0,0),0,0,t),-t,0,0)}); So my background would be the cube and the clouds, also if you could tell me how to get the clouds into 3d that would be helpful
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