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Dear Axel, Thanks. I promise present to you my new interface. I hope it will be happen. Thank once more. I want start from own interface with All Maple Power for specific problems solution getting.
Thank you Axel. All the time I am finding the good way to OpenMaple application creation. I decide that C (C++) is not a language for scientists :). It is work tool for system coders only
. Best idea is Visual Basic. (I dont know Java Features) But there are few questions: 1. I can not create a .exe file in Native Code Compilation mode, even with the Maple VB examples. 2. Reference to maplec.dll is not work. VB not connect this file in project compilation process. 3. What about OpenMaple for VB.NET? From Maple Help: To use the VB OpenMaple code and examples shown in these help pages you must first add the extern/include/maple.bas file to your project. See your Maple installation for the file. The maple.bas module is designed to work with Visual Basic 6.0. It will not work with VB7 (or VB.NET), primarily because the Long datatype is 32-bits in VB 6, and 64-bits in VB 7. Long is used as the Maple Object data-type (which is a 32-bit pointer). It is very interesting to know a perspective on VB.NET OpenMaple freedom? Also it is very interesting to know Is it possibility to bring to conformity DATA TYPES in existing maple.bas by options .NET or(and) changing maple.bas or by waiting Maple 10.0.. ver :)? Sorry for my possible incompetence and indelicate questions!
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