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@Joe Riel

Default AutoExecute Security Level is 'Warn once for each worksheet'. At default Security Level Maple gives an error. Every 'Warn once for each region' and 'Don't warn before execution' resolves the situation but I'd like to resolve it with default settings. Is it possible?

Thank you.


I guess, the button component that stops calculations has a little sense as user can always press the "white hand" button. So, you solved my problem. :) Thank you.

Alex, Carl, thank you for help. The problem is solved.

Hi @J4James 

Thank you for reply. However, I asked about programming my own button component:




action when clicked doesn't interrupt the calculations.


Problem is solved. Thank you.

Sorry my ignorance in Maple Components. Tutorial ( ) explicitly mentions about DocumentTools Package needed to be loaded for manipulations with Components properties. I missed it at first.

Working program that demonstrates the solution of the problem:

Works, thank you.

@Carl Love 

>In the vast majority of cases, arguments are evaluated before they are passed.

Now the behaviour of animation is clear. Thank you.

@Carl Love 

It solves the problem. But, at what point does the case of symbolic 't' appear?

map(igcd@op, lst)

works too.

@Alejandro Jakubi 

Thank you for information.


I mean that CAS should not be used in cases when the task can be solved by hands for a minute. Just use the Internet if your math background is insufficient.

And yes, it is definitely a bug that should be fixed.

I also noticed the speed up of Mapleprimes working in FF. Great!

1) I guess the copying of some code from Maple IDE and pasting it here have to give the symbols, not the image

I guess it will be better to have after pasting



2) Besides that it would be great if you introduce a special tag for code presentation. A text presented within this tag should be specially formatted for better perseption.

3) I'd like to have a possibility to use browser spellchecker without opening html-form.

I guess you should create some rules for making posts and questions and present it here. Everyone creates his own rules (style) and it is not good.

You can take as a pattern a message system of

If Maple is working in default regime

(when created by me file maple.ini
c:\Program Files\Maple 17\Users\maple.ini
with the  string
libname := cat( kernelopts( homedir ), kernelopts( dirsep ), "MapleLib" ), libname:
is deleted)

then all works great. But if I am trying to use my MapleLib, then the application "The Cosmic Travel Planner" (and many others) cannot run some code automatically.

I have provided the full control over this folder for EVERYONE but it doesn't resolve the problem.

Dear developers! I guess you should explain better how Maple community can vote for the applications upploaded for competition within the Mobius project. Is it like on facebook or dirrect e-mail are the only possible ways of votation? I fortuned the asterisk in the Maple cloud in IDE and pusshed it. It appeared to be my vote for the application! I guess, you should mention about this way of votation somewhere. If the vote through the IDE is not accepted then you should mention about it too.

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