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Hi! Can anyone show me a quick example of a procedure with local and global variables?!? It seems that i'm not getting the hang of it, because i keep receiving "unable to parse" messages. 

Hi! I'm having doubts about the "automatic spacing" in maple. I would like to know two things:

1-can incorrect spacing ruin my code? (Ex by typing "spacebar" too many times )

2- i know that to type spacebar is obligatory after: proc()" "...end proc;    Is there any other situation in wich to use spacebar isn't optional? Thanks for your answers

Hi! I've got a set of subsets S with Abeing the i-subset. I need to sum up all the x's in all the Ai's. How can this be achieved?


sum( { {a, b, c}, {a, b, d} } )= 2a+2b+c+d

Hi! I'm new to Maplesoft. I would like to use it for my research. However, in order to do so, i have to construct an n-dimensional vector space, with vectors of the form A_1*B, A_2*B, ..., A_k*B, where A_i is a set of  n components from a Field (or ring) and B is the basis for the vector space.

It would REALLY help if you could give some ideas for me to bring this up, or else i will be forced to typset every one of the vectors i'll use in a matrix-multiplication form and will make considerably harder my work.

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