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I recommend that you contact Maplesoft Customer Service at: custservice at maplesoft.com

I recommend that you contact Maplesoft technical support at: support@maplesoft.com

This is a frequently asked question.  Please see the following link:


If that doesn't help, contact Technical Support at: support(at)maplesoft.com

You can use the plotsetup command to change the default print device to a file, then print out an array or matrix of plots using the display command.


Here is a quick sample:


You can request an evaluation copy here:


Note though that evaluation copies are not available for students.

Kernel Connection errors can be caused by a number of things, including firewall settings.  Also, the lsb-core and lsb-base packages are both required for Maple to work in Linux. Make sure that both are installed and try to restart Maple.

Unfortunately, the new finance package is only available in the 32-bit version for Windows.  The error message that you are seeing is more than likely caused by you having the 64-bit version installed.


This is however an easy fix as you can just install the 32-bit version.


Please note that it is possible to have both the 32 and 64-bit versions of Maple installed on a 64-bit machine, so it is up to you if you would like to keep both versions installed or remove the 64-bit version.


Also note that the Finance package is available for both 32 and 64-bit computers running Mac OsX and Linux.






Each installation of Maple is a standalone install, so you can keep both or just uninstall Maple 11.


For a complete uninstall of Maple 11, you can do the following:


Delete the following three items:

1. the "Maple 11" folder from the Applications directory

2. the "11" folder from the //Library/Frameworks/Maple.Framework/Versions directory

3. any "Maple11xx.pkg" file from the //Library/Receipts directory (if they exist)

Note that this uninstall procedure is the same for other versions of Maple so if you want to uninstall another version, just replace the 11 with the version number that you wish to uninstall.




You could try:

simplify(3*a*(-1/3*b/a)^2+2*b*(-1/3*b/a)+c = 0);



Open up Maple and type in currentdir(); . This will tell you what Maple's working directory is.  Look in that directory for Untitled0_MAS.bak or something similar.

If you have the auto-save feature enabled, and if you have previously saved the worksheet, look for a .bak file with the same file name wherever you saved the original file.  If you had not saved it and the auto-save feature is on, look in your C:\users\%user%\ folder for a file called something like untitled1_MAS.bak.

If the auto-save feature is not enabled and you have not saved it at all, you may be out of luck.

The option to turn on the auto-save feature is under Maple's option menu - General tab.

If the problem with Maple crashing persists, contact Maplesoft Technical Support at support(at)maplesoft.com.

You could try the following:



X := RandomVariable(Bernoulli(p));

Y := 2*X - 1;




With Maplenet, you can add mathematical computations and visualizations to your web and desktop applications, share solutions over the web through interactive Maple documents, and develop rich technical web content.


Otherwise, you might have a look at the Maplesoft Application Center. Here you can contribute to the pool of Maple applications.



Lastly, you can also try the Maple Cloud to upload and share your programs.



This might be due to a Java issue.  Try uninstalling Maple and reinstalling.  If that doesn't help, contact Maplesoft Technical Support at: support@maplesoft.com


1.I tried running your code and Pi is not automatically converted.  What I would recommend rather than approximating Pi to say 5 digits is to set the interface(displayprecision=5) which will show your answer to 5 decimal places but carry out the calculations without rounding.

2. To convert units, you could try something like the following:

convert(wiredensity, 'units', Units[Standard][`*`]('g', Units[Standard][`/`]('Units[Standard][`^`](m, 3)')));

3. If you would like to automatically load certain Maple packages, have a look at the following link: http://www.maplesoft.com/support/faqs/detail.aspx?sid=32671

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