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Thank you very much both, God bless!


Hello again, I've been plotting, solving (maximizing) the linear programming problem, and by plotting a variable like this:

t1: = textplot ([(values x, y), typeset ("Local Maxima", (values x, y))], align = above), etc.

However, I wondered how you could automate this process, any suggestions?

Thank you very much for your valuable help ...

I also wanted to do this to highlight the intercept point as you do:

allvalues (LPSolve (x + y, (x> = 0, y> = 0 and <= 60, x +3 * y <= 20, 2 * x +2 * y <= 30), x = -70. . 70, y = -70 .. 70, maximize)) to plot as in your first example,
it shows me no error, but I can not build the matrix, how would you do?

Thank you very much

and Greetings

Hello, now I understand, say textplot code gave me the help of Maple, they have this example:

p: = plot (sin (x), x =-pi .. pi)
t1: = textplot ([pi / 2, 1, typeset ("Local Maxima", pi / 2, 1))], align = above)

t2: = textplot ([-pi / 2, -1, typeset ("Local Minima", pi / 2, 1))], align = below)

display ((p, t1, t2))

And it shows that data in the graph. But I wondered if in my case it could be automated, ie inequalities and resolve once and assign that value to plot text.

I thank you help me with this last question and if I could help design the code, beyond that point graphing inequalities.

Thank you very much friend ...


You or someone out there can help me with that?

No I find it anywhere ...

Thank you very much


Hello .., how nice ... Thanks for the code I see that it is possible to show the value add in points ... Is it possible?

Also wanted to ask you something:

For a graph linear programming work as follows:
with (plots)
inequal ({x +3 * y <= 200, 2 * x +2 * y <= 300, y<=60, y >=0, x >=0}, x = -400 .. 400, y = - 400 .. 400);

Which shows me a whole feasible region.

And this case I want to show the intercept.

It would similarly?

Thank you for your invaluable help.

I do not understand my friend, what I say is to solve the equation to find the points of interception?

But that's not the prolem, I only have a specialized graphics where in the same graph

Maple interception showing points, I do not think you understood me.

You could further expand the explanation using the functions you gave me?

Thank you very much ...

Hi, yes thanks, but that's not the problem, the two functions obviously give me intercept

but I wonder if you can display the points in each intersection on the graph.

Thank you very much

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