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Why maple is not plotting the whole surface in the domain specified?

Thanks for the help.

Hello every one.

I want to do some tensor computations in maple in a specified coordinate system but I don't know how! As an example I ask the follwing question.

Consider a second order symmetric tensor "A". I want to compute the components of "curl(curl(A))" in cylinderical coordinates. How should I do this in maple?

This is related to a famous equation in elasticity known as "small strain compatibility" equation.

Thanks for the help

Hi every one.

I want to export some plots from maple as images in ".jpg" or ".png" formats. I was wondering that is there a way to specify the resolution of the exported pictures? I need high quality pics.

I am trying to define some functions by recursion relations but I get this error:

Error, (in type/realcons) too many levels of recursion

Please see the attached file for details:


Hello everyone.

I have lots of lengthy equations in Maple that I don't want to waste time for rewritting them. I am looking for a clean and tidy way to export these equations from Maple and import them into a LaTeX or Word document.

As an example do it with the equation in the following file.


Many many thanks.

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