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@Kitonum Can you tell me that why I am getting error when using a different syntax.


@Kitonum Many thanks for the nice answers and supports. :)


It is not just this issue. I am really anoyyed with some of the features in MAPLE and here is not a proper place for the discussion. :)

I think the Mathematica has default Labling. Although the text direction is not adjusted. You are right, as the comment of Markiyan Hirnyk in this post shows, MATLAB is the best for plotting contours. :)

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

You are right. In fact, it is a matter of taste. I am tired of MAPLE because of my own reasons. Of course, I might say that MAPLE is really user friendly and it helped me lots of times. But sometimes it makes me disappointed. I may try Mathematica and then judge both of them better. :)

Thanks For Notifying Me. :)

What you have done is really nice. 

Just as a suggestion, you can work on the direction of the text. :)

But I am wondering that why maple developers did not do this! They don't pay attention to users' needs! :/ I am deciding to change my CAS to Wolfram for three reasons. 1. They have much more stylish and good forum on stack exchange. 2. They pay attention to users. 3. Their program is integrated and you don't need to look up dozens of packages!

@nm I do surely agree with you! Why a simple option for plotting should be in some other package! :) Always, when it comes to plotting by MAPLE, it really hurts to do a simple plot! In other areas MAPLE seems to be good but the same problem already exists. :) I may consider to change my CAS to WOLFRAM! :)

@Kitonum Many many thanks for the clarification. :)

@Kitonum What I just see about "vector options" on the help page of "Student[VectorCalculus][TangentVector]" is this. No more details are given in this help page or the "plot\options" page.

@Axel Vogt I cannot find the options you used in "vectoroptions" in Maple Help. How did you find theses?

@Kitonum I do really appreaciate this. It was what I wanted! :) But how did you find these option? I just got lost in maple's help finding the options for "vectoroptions". What should I do in general for finding option of a specific function?

@Adri van der Meer Thanks. But the user shouldn't specify the coordinate of points! It hurts! :)

@Markiyan Hirnyk Your suggestion is better than the others for showing the orientation on a parametric curve. But something is still bothering me! Can we reduce the length of the arrow and make the head larger so that it just looks like a triangle? I tried to do this but to no avail.

@Kitonum That is a nice trick but I want a picture output from MAPLE! :)


@Adri van der Meer 

Thanks for the answer. I think that there is not an automated way to do this. Your suggestion just applies to simple curves! The main curve I have is a little complicated. Thanks by the way. Plotting with maple is always a pain in the ...! :D

Previously, I also had some problems for plotting contours with Maple 16 which is not resolved yet! I may consider changing my CAS! :)

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

The package by Robert Israel is  Nice. However, I would be more appreciated if you address some way with maple bulit in functions and post as an answer. :) Can you elaborate the usuage of Student[VectorCalculus][TangentVector]? :)

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