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Other possible extensions might be hdb (Maple help database), mla (Maple archive), and lib and ind (Maple library and separate index) however, I suspect most of those might be more usefully packed into zip files.
Never mind, my number is 84, not 48. At least its only two digits!
I'm curious that Thomas Richard's ID appears to be 50 while mine is 48, yet he joined three weeks before I did. Apparently these aren't being allocated in numerical order. Or do they change?
It doesn't seem to, or I haven't noticed, with FireFox 1.0.4. However, I use fairly small fonts. Enlarging them made some of the text hit the Creative Commons notice. Maybe that's what you meant.
Modifying the code to solve that version (same problem but without 0) is easy (a two character change); I can see how you could remember (most of the) solution after so long. I assume Sinclair Basic didn't have recursion, handling it with loops seems tedious.
Can the height of the box used for responding to a private message be increased? It is painfully short.
Note that there is a Maple Enigma worksheet in the Maple Application Center.
Try running f2 again; you'll find it is slower the second time. The difference is presumably attributable to memory usage. Calling gc between runs didn't appear to eliminate this discrepancy. You might be able to slightly increase the speed of f5 by eliminating its unused argument (n).
A quibble with this implementation is that floor is relatively slow; it is not a builtin function. This would only be an issue in a tight loop, but it is something to think about. You can use frem (a builtin) to accelerate this (I'd post the code, but can't figure out how to post indented code, particularly with a less-than sign). A very similar problem was discussed extensively on the usenet group comp.soft-sys.math.maple in february 2005 (I was a participant). The name of thread is "mod for floats".
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