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Prof. Lenin Araujo Castillo

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Physics Pure || Computer Science
Trujillo/La Libertad, Peru

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Simulation Specialist for Dynamic Systems with Maple Classic and Modern Physics. Mathematical Modeling by Maple problems. Basic Science Teaching using ICT's. Business Data Analyst at Maple and MapleSim environment. Expertise in the development of mathematics with embedded components for mobile devices.

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Addition, subtraction, scalar product, vector, projections and graphs with physics packages and plots. With this you can begin to start the physics course for engineering.

Operaciones_con_Vect.mw   (in spanish)


Lenin Araujo Castillo

Physics Pure

Computer Science

Vector using package Physics, LinearAlgebra.

Vectores.mw     (in spanish)

Slides of the presentation at the VII Workshop Fast Computational and Applied Mathematics developed in graduate school at the National University of Trujillo. January 8, 2014.




L. Araujo C.

I work entitled Point Exeter made ​​for Fast VII workshop on applied and computational mathematics 2014 Trujillo Peru.

  Punto_de_Exeter.mw   (version in spanish)


Lenin Araujo Castillo

Physics Pure

Computer Science


Thanks to the community through Maplesoft Mapleprimes that could develop in Computational Mathematics Achievement Day at our institution.

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