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Dear friends,

I was working on the integral of cosh(ax)/cosh(x) from zero to infinity with "a" being a rational number p/q where p<q and p-q being odd. I was quite shocked to discover that Maple 15 (X86 64 LINUX)cannot do this integral while Mathematica gets it right every time. I certainly hope this will be rectified soon.

For those who might be interested the calculation of the integral

there is a link

Dear friends,

while working with Beta function integrals like int_0^1 x^(7/23)*(1-x)^(16/23) dx I noticed that Maple does not seem to know about the following Beta function identity:

Beta(m+q, n+1-q) = Pi/sin(Pi*q)*mul(r+q, r=0..m-1)*mul(r+1-q, r=0..n-1)/(m+n)!

where m,n are positive integers and q is a real number so that 0 < q < 1. This is easy to prove and there...

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