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Maple won't give you a general expression in terms of tau?

And the Maple help forum is far superior to mathematica. By a very long shot.

and this one as well:

For those with mathematica, the general expression is in the following forum:



That long solution only represents the Re and Im.


Unforunately Mathematica's Abs feature won't find the abs value and so I hate mathematica. I wasted 3 weeks on this stupid thing and I don't know if Maple is any better.

That's strange, and very small... If you plot this equation at around t = 0 and t = 45 we see that it reaches 1.


I want a general solution for all t. I'll write the general expression later. But I did not obtain +/-0.11 ^-07

Sorry I meant this equation:


(0.575849 Cos[0.383015 t] Sin[0.383015 t] -
    1.66533*10^-16 Cos[2.33523 t] Sin[0.383015 t] +
    1.11022*10^-16 Cos[0.383015 t] Sin[2.33523 t] +
    1.01122 Cos[2.33523 t] Sin[2.33523 t])^2 + (0.462311 Cos[
      0.383015 t]^2 + 3.33067*10^-16 Cos[0.383015 t] Cos[2.33523 t] +
    0.537689 Cos[2.33523 t]^2 - 0.462311 Sin[0.383015 t]^2 -
    1.38778*10^-16 Sin[0.383015 t] Sin[2.33523 t] -
    0.537689 Sin[2.33523 t]^2)^2 == 1

Does your solution refute Alec's claim?

It has real solutions, I just can't get it to find them. I'm also interested in complex solutions.

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