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I try to design a half rectifier circuit in MapleSim, but the simulation is so slow and the console output says "Warning: many small integration steps are being taken at a very small proportion of integration range at t=2.9653230e-006, absolute/relative tolerance may be too tight for problem, or problem may require a stiff solver". So how should i improve the circuit to make the simulation faster?

By the way, i don't want to change the basic design of the circuit, so the circuit should consist of both diode and op amp. I know the diode only circuit can achieve the same goal.



I try to simulate a current mirror model, but it doesn't work and say "cannot evaluate the solution past the initial point, problem may be complex, initially singular or improperly set up". Maybe some incorrect parameters are set there, could you fix it? 

here is logical_circuit.msim

i cannot connect the output of the left two AndGates to the input of the right AndGate. They are both digital signal connectors, why cannot be connected?




as the cuts show,  i build a simple  system to check how does the "edge with init" work? The switch is "ideal opening switch". the rising edge is always "0" while the voltage is always 1v, it seems that the "edge with init" doesn't work. Please give me some explaintion of the problem. 

here is thetest.msim


i wanna build an integrated circuit by digital block of electrical in maplesim. i know the input of digital items should be a vector, but i dont know how to build a vector in maplesim. for example, how to build a simple gate circuit in maplesim? Maybe i should use the modelica to do it?

 i use maplesim 2020.

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