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AFM means Adobe Font Metrics, and the files are located in Maple's afm subdirectory.

Since I have never seen that error message, I'm afraid I cannot help, sorry.

If you find a MWE, please submit an SCR.

@Axel Vogt That's a good suggestion. But I guess one more step needs to be inserted to make it tractable:

expr := eval(expr,c[2]=ln(a));
expr := evala(expr);
result := int(expr,y);


@vs140580 I'm not an expert on QCT, but since today is a holiday in Canada, I wanted to jump in and confirm that QCT 2023 has been released ~6 weeks ago, and yes, it includes SMILES functionality.

If you have reasons to believe that those floats should be rational, then convert/rational is fine, of course.

But if that restriction is not given, try identify instead. It will suggest that r[0] = 60*sqrt(2) in the first solution set. Does that make sense (e.g. if the solutions describe some geometrical or physical object)?

For more insights, it might be necessary to increase Digits and rerun the fsolve command (or whatever sol was obtained from).

@Zhao_zhifu Multigraphs are a new feature of Maple 2023 which was released a few weeks ago. Please see here for more news.

@sursumCorda Those two SMTLIB:-Satisfy calls seem to hang in Maple 2023. That problem is already under investigation, as far as I know. So I won't install any extra runtimes for now; it's better to wait for the fix.

@sursumCorda Ah, okay, I didn't check the coulditbe help page.

No, I haven't installed any addition runtime redistributables. I guess they were cleaned up between Maple versions 2022 and 2023. At least I always found that 6 was too much...

@Christian Wolinski That was fixed later on; please enter ?updates,Maple2018,AdvancedMath if you have a newer version, or see the online document.

I'm getting consistent results. Did you rerun your worksheet?

Just for fun, I have rewritten it in 1D math:



`Maple 2023.0, X86 64 WINDOWS, Mar 06 2023, Build ID 1689885`


assume(Or(n < 0, 1 <= n), n*(n-1)/2 < m);












By the way, what do you want to achieve by _EnvTry := hard: ?
Did you mean _EnvTryHard := true: (as documented under ?solve,details)? Even that is not needed here...

I tried with Maple 2023 on W10 and various mws files: all working well, no freezes.

If it's a specific file, send it to de_support, please.

@MANUTTM I'm afraid I don't understand your question. So I'm just guessing, but here are some operations and commands you could try:

A := -20342.18861*(-0.392*exp(0.4*t2) + 0.392*exp(0.98*t2))*exp(-0.98*t2) + 19935.34483*(-0.98*exp(0.4*t2) + 0.4*exp(0.98*t2) + 0.58)*exp(-0.98*t2) - 1009.0057*i*(-0.98*exp(-0.98*t2)*exp(0.4*t2) + 0.4*exp(-0.98*t2)*exp(0.4*t2))/(exp(-0.98*t2)*exp(0.4*t2) - 1)^2 = 0:
indets(A, 'name'); # determine which variables occur
A := simplify(A); # optional step
isolate(A, t2); # self-explanatory
assign(%); # no output; turning an equation into an assignment
indets(t2, 'name');
RP := simplify(exp(-t2/50));  # isolate the RootOf placeholder
P := op(1, RP); # extract the polynomial
sort(P); # optional step; an inplace operation

As we can see, only the monomial of degree 29 contains a variable in its coefficient. Therefore,

coeff(P, _Z^29);

will return it. This step of visual inspection could also be automated, of course.

@QM For algebraic expressions such as e1, I would always try evala first. That command is perhaps less popular (or known) as simplify, but it's really powerful in its domain.

@ecterrab Very interesting, thanks!

And I think we need to extend that list by csch = 1/sinh, sech = 1/cosh if we want to cover hyperbolic functions as well, right?

I can't imagine that the problem is due to your hardware; considering the specs I found, an Evo laptop should certainly be powerful enough.

What OS, browser, settings, etc. do you use?

Does it happen with MaplePrimes in general, or with specific pages here?

@delvin It works from Maple 2022 on. Sorry, I didn't check versions before, but you didn't specify your Maple version... ;-)

Here's the output:

ode := -(q2 - q4)*(q2 - q3)*(q1 - q4)*(q1 - q3)*y(w)^2 + (q1 + q2 - q3 - q4)*(2*q1*q2 - q1*q3 - q1*q4 - q2*q3 - q2*q4 + 2*q3*q4)*diff(y(w), w)*y(w) + (-2*q1^2 - 2*q1*q2 + 3*q1*q3 + 3*q1*q4 - 2*q2^2 + 3*q2*q3 + 3*q2*q4 - 6*q3*q4)*diff(y(w), w)^2 + (q1 - q2 + q3 - q4)*(q1 - q2 - q3 + q4)*diff(y(w), w, w)*y(w) + (3*q1 + 3*q2 - 3*q3 - 3*q4)*diff(y(w), w, w)*diff(y(w), w) - 3*diff(y(w), w, w)^2 + (-q1 - q2 + q3 + q4)*diff(y(w), w, w, w)*y(w) + 2*diff(y(w), w, w, w)*diff(y(w), w)

It can be simplified somewhat. But a 3rd order nonlinear ODE is not trivial at all.

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