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@DoingMath2018 See the help page ?sum,details for background info:

s := sum((-1)^n/n*x^n, x=1..infinity,parametric);


@rameen hamood Use the green arrow-up button of the message editor. The dialog that opens should be self-explanatory.

The idea of this forum is not about doing someone's homework.

At the very least, show us what you have done in Maple so far, and upload your worksheet (even if incomplete). If you run into problems, please describe them as precisely as possible, and we may be able to help you.

@gawati2611 Try this:

f := unapply(Determinant(M),w1,w2);

The difference between this and your function definition is explained on the unapply help page.

I got a similar question from another customer today, and it turned out that he just needed to load one of the Units packages (recommended is Units[Simple]) to add the expressions.

@nm In addition, the simplified representation appears to be (a bit) longer, but is easier to check:

ot := odetest(sol,ode);
ssol := simplify(evalc(sol)) assuming x>0;


@Carl Love No, that cannot be turned off, AFAIK.

@acer That feature was acutally introduced in Maple 13.02, if I recall correctly. So the OP might even benefit from it.

@Anthrazit I have deleted the attachment because it contains your Purchase Code. That is valuable information (for you) and should never be published. Please consider uploading a shortened file. Thanks.

@Lisa6 At this point, I think it's more efficient if you send your questions to our support team. Be sure to include as many details as possible: platform, purchase code, and all data you entered (target path in particular), error message. You can also include a link to this discussion thread. MaplePrimes itself is not primarily a support channel for these basic issues.

@Lisa6 Which target path did you supply when installing? Is it really empty?

The command to launch Maple from Linux command line is "xmaple" (or "maple" for the command-line version), not "Maple". Please see our installation instructions, particularly section "How to start Maple".

@Lisa6 If activating hangs under Linux, please check out our FAQ at Then try again. (Typically, you don't need to reinstall, but just run the activation tool again.) If that still fails, we can help with a so-called offline activation (which is described in our FAQs as well).

I cannot help with the 3rd party package on GitHub, sorry.

@Jonas F If you want to restrict the search space, and you are interested in numerical solutions only, run fsolve with an interval like this:


It will avoid some of the complications introduced by solve (which is the more general command).

@Jonas F Not in the sense that you can specify a certain version (or year), but for this particular equation, you can come close to the desired result by restricting to the real domain:



Can you load mw files via the File > Open menu item (or the equivalent button) in Maple 2020

[Edit: please ignore my question - I had overlooked your statement that it works.]

That is at least confirmed for the cases with int’l characters.

Please also consider tomleslie‘s suggestion.

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