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This doesn't directly address the performance issue that you observe, but based on the patterns found by Maple's identify command, I suspect that your Matrix M3 is an approximation of the following exact Matrix:

M3x := Matrix([[1, -1, 1, -1, 1, -1], [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1], [-2, 1/2+sqrt(5)/2, 22+4*sqrt(5), -131/2-79*sqrt(5)/2, 351/2+175*sqrt(5)/2, -327-110*sqrt(5)], [-2, -1/2+sqrt(5)/2, 14+4*sqrt(5), -13/2-31*sqrt(5)/2, 31/2-47*sqrt(5)/2, 127+10*sqrt(5)], [-2, 1/2-sqrt(5)/2, 22-4*sqrt(5), -131/2+79*sqrt(5)/2, 351/2-175*sqrt(5)/2, -327+110*sqrt(5)], [-2, -1/2-sqrt(5)/2, 14-4*sqrt(5), -13/2+31*sqrt(5)/2, 31/2+47*sqrt(5)/2, 127-10*sqrt(5)]]);

If you could confirm that, cross-checking against the exact solution (through LinearSolve again) might help with pinpointing the problem.

@merinoises You must have made some usage error and/or configuration change that we do not see in your code snippet (which by itself works well, as others have confirmed already). So you will need to upload your worksheet. Otherwise we cannot diagnose anything useful.

If you used VolumeOfRevolution (provided by the Student:-Calculus1 package), you could simply add the axis=vertical option, along with output=plot.

@WA573 PDE solving is not a topic of the tools covering stepwise solutions (see e.g. the Student subpackages Basics, Calculus1 and ODEs).

In order to see what's going on behind the scenes, you can insert a setting like

infolevel[pdsolve] := 5:

although that's more for debugging than for understanding the math. However, it might give you a hint that adding the output = ODE option to TWSolutions will provide one such intermediate step.

First, you will need to replace the square brackets in the definition of ode by parentheses. Square brackets are used for creating lists and indices, not for grouping terms in expressions.

In the next assignment, you will need to use a different name than define which is a Maple command.

I do not fully understand the rest of the worksheet, mainly because de1 and testExps are undefined.

Consider putting the hand-written notes into your corrected Maple worksheet.

I tried on my home computer, and did not see any problems.

So I suggest that you contact our support team, along with your system specs, and perhaps the install logs of the updates (Maple, MapleSim, CAD Toolbox).

Did it work for you with 2022.1?

Your question would be easier to answer if you provided the full input you gave to Maple, not just the results. Please include all commands to obtain the solutions you copied and pasted so far.

To improve formatting, either use the code snippet button in the editor, or upload your full worksheet using the green arrow button.

BTW: Maplesoft is the name of the company. :-)

@nm Currently, I have no idea why the difference occurs, sorry. If I find out anything, I will add it here.
But where did you see a recommendation to avoid global assumptions?

@vv The simplification routines are constantly being improved; please see the update documentation in each version.

This particular example can be covered by converting to 'expln'.

Does the error message persist if you execute a restart command before?

What does kernelopts(toolboxdir=MapleSim) return?

Of course, it should not freeze. We are not aware of any systematic problem here. I suggest that you send as many details as possible to technical support. Particularly, the exact version of your Linux distribution, system information (hardware specs), Maple install log, etc.

A hardware check (particularly a memory test) may also be appropriate.

Please upload your worksheet (mw file), using the green arrow button of the message editor, or post your input (Maple code) so that we can easily reproduce the observation.

BTW: The product is called Maple, whereas Maplesoft is the company. :-)

@Thomas Dean Thank you. I have just recreated this on a Kubuntu 20.04 system. I had used the Worksheet interface exclusively since that system had been set up a while ago.

@Thomas Dean Good to hear that it's working with command-line maple now. Do you recall which font packages were needed? I used to keep a list (for Ubuntu at least), but that was many years ago...

I cannot help with Emacs and maplev-mode, sorry.

If your Maple 2021 is configured to start in Document Mode (which is factory default), please try to change that to Worksheet Mode via "Tools > Options > Default format for new worksheets", then "Apply Globally". Quit and relaunch to see the effect.

Does the memory problem still occur then?

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