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I work in Maplesoft’s Applications group. This group is a hub between Sales/Marketing and R&D. I primarily work with customers to help them use our software for their projects.

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, I spent a substantial chunk of my life there. I attended the University of Windsor to study Engineering and Math, and moved to Waterloo to start working with Maplesoft.

My first introduction to Maple was in a differential equations class. Our professor swore by it every day, and felt obliged to show us examples on how to use it at the end of every class. Admittedly, I usually skipped out of class right around that point. It wasn’t until I sat down and used the software to do my homework that I truly realized how useful Maple was…I only wish I had heeded my professor’s advice in the first month of the semester instead of the last.

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You're missing a few things in your syntax.  Try entering it like this: plot(x^2, x = 0 .. 5, view = [1.995 .. 2.005, 3.99 .. 4.01])

That should do it for you.

The error is because you are exceeding the size of your list.  For example, in your seq you have xp[i+1].  When i=4, you are calling xp[4+1], which doesn't exist.

Based on your example, you can add the column by using <A|V>.  To place it in a different column, you could do <A[1..3, 1..2] | V | A[1..3, 3..4]> (there's probably an easier way to do this, but I can't think of it at the moment).

If you wanted to add a row, you would similarly use <A, B>.

Look under Tools > Tutors > Linear Algebra > Gauss-Jordan Elimination.  You can also use the GaussianElimination command.

Now that I looked at your post again, I see that you have x & y in the same matrix (I thought originally they were separate).  Try creating a pointplot.

1.  I'm not sure what kind of plot you would like to generate, but in general you could just use plot(M1,M2)

2. To plot multiple plots and display them together, use the display command.  You can also plot multiple plots in one plot command as well.


Change matrix to Matrix, and then it will work.

You should be able to just r-click on the matrix and both Browse and Export As should appear in the menu.  Could you upload your document so we can take a look at it?

I just want to make sureI understand what you're asking for: I'm assuming you want Maple to show the whole matrx instead of the summary view?  You can do that by using the command interface(rtablesize=xx).  You can find more about it from the help pages.

This is a bit more of a tech support issue.  You can try emailing (support@maplesoft.com) or calling them (800.267.6583 x413).

I would start with the curve analysis tutor (in the same place as the Tangent tutor).

One option would be to use the Tanget tutor, found under Tools > Tutors > Calculus - Single Variable.  Another option would be to just type Tangent in the help system...

You can create your own custom components using the templates that are available in the Documents folder.  To access them, click View Document Folder, and pick Cusom Component from the drop down options (do define component using DE's), or click more templates and go to Component Templates for more options.  You can just work your way through the template and when you're finished, the component will be available in your model.

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