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I work in Maplesoft’s Applications group. This group is a hub between Sales/Marketing and R&D. I primarily work with customers to help them use our software for their projects.

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, I spent a substantial chunk of my life there. I attended the University of Windsor to study Engineering and Math, and moved to Waterloo to start working with Maplesoft.

My first introduction to Maple was in a differential equations class. Our professor swore by it every day, and felt obliged to show us examples on how to use it at the end of every class. Admittedly, I usually skipped out of class right around that point. It wasn’t until I sat down and used the software to do my homework that I truly realized how useful Maple was…I only wish I had heeded my professor’s advice in the first month of the semester instead of the last.

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We are pleased to announce that the winner of the monthly Maple Mentors Award for April is Axel Vogt. Axel will receive a prize of his choice to thank him for his involvement with the MaplePrimes community.


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