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I do not know the best answer for your question.  But, an intersection of two planes is a line , which can be described by one parameter.  So, for example, how about

VectorCalculus[SpaceCurve]  . The help page of this command is:



@Preben Alsholm      I have not yet understood  sarra's goal.


What is your question ? Do you want to know how to plot out_fig ?



According to


'display()'  has L or A or P as the 1st argument.

Which corresponds to the 1st argument of your 'display(p0,p1)' ?

>  I follow the usual procedure 'display(p0,p1)' I only get p1...


Have you generated p0 successfully ?

I cannot understand the meaning of each argument of "P" in the example.

What is "HFloat(HFloat(undefined))" ?


@Timm  I cannot understand what the problem was and is.  Please explain more details.

@etiennepellegrini Please explain by using concrete minimum Maple program and concrete minimum fortran program.


According to



 , the default order of Matrices is Fortran_order.

What was your input ?



Thank you for your reply. But, I cannot follow your idea perfectly.

I now explain:

Please define

S1(n) := sum((-1)^(i-1)*factorial(n)/(i^2*factorial(i-1)*factorial(n-i)), i = 1 .. n)


S2(n) := sum(1/i, i = 1 .. n).

As you pointed out, it is easy to prove

S1(n) = S2(n)

by maple. And, you also pointed out

S2(n0)-S2(n1) = B .

I quote here the definition of B:
B := sum(1/(n1+i), i = 1 .. n0-n1);

So, what I want to show is

S1(n0)-S1(n1) = A .

But I cannot show this equality.

I quote here the definition of A:
A := sum((-1)^(i-1)*factorial(n0)/(factorial(n1)*(n1+i)^2*factorial(i-1)*factorial(n0-n1-i)), i = 1 .. n0-n1);

The denominator of S1 has only two factorials whereas that of A has three factorials.

Please give me more details.

What do you want to know ?


@Markiyan Hirnyk 

I have not yet understood why you wrote "By default Digits:=10".

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Thank you for your comment. And I noticed the following help:

"The Floating-Point Environment" in



@Markiyan Hirnyk 

When I click on the link "screen22.01.14.docx", my browser shows:


Server Error 404

- File or directory not found.


By the way, in my previous answer converted by you,

x = 0.507125792764503.
x = 0.507125792764216
is yours. So the last 3 digits are different between both. This is interesting...


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