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Copied your code but still I get the error

Error, illegal use of an object as a name

I have 2 versions of Maple. 

So in 2016 I get

Error, (in Statistics:-Histogram) display does not accept the legend option

But not in 2017.Strange



I just want to add a legend. But Maple says it's not allowed for Histogram. Strange.


Thanks all. So that's why I couldn't find it in Getting started :)


Great but my 2016 Maple doesn't like if with quotes


ok, found it by myself :)

Thx. Mapleprimes is great :)

If it had been an equation then rhs must be used I presume. As it is now, it's an assignment.


Thx for many good answers. #2 was a bit cryptic though :)


@vv Thanks :)


@mehdi jafari 

No problem to solve with 1 D-math. But with Maple 18 help files are not consistent, I have seen many wrong statements. Seems all help files are made for Maple 17 or earlier. I'm totally new to Maple so 18 is my first version. So it seems I have to give up on doing your calculations solely in 2 D-math.




@mehdi jafari 

Can you write the dsolve arguments in 2-d math notation? I tried but didn't succeed.


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