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I am a research mathematician and an expert on mathematical software. I completed my PhD in applied mathematics with a specialization in computer algebra and symbolic computation in 2003 at the University of Waterloo. My PhD supervisor was Prof. Keith O. Geddes, co-inventor of Maple. In my PhD thesis, I invented a parameterized family of bilinear infinite series expansions for multivariate functions, which I named "Geddes series expansions" in honor of my thesis supervisor. Geddes series are more general than both Taylor series and Fourier series since the terms of a Geddes series can contain arbitrary functions. Geddes series are more versatile than traditional series expansions because the parameters of the family are not numbers, or even functions, but rather linear functionals on function spaces. Geddes series have dozens of computational applications ranging from the fast and accurate approximation of high-dimensional multiple integrals to the automatic derivation and proof of multivariate identities for elementary and special functions.

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I really like that MaplePrimes tracks the number of times each blog and forum post is read. Could MaplePrimes also track the number of times each file attachment is downloaded? That would be great! -- Frederick W. Chapman, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo http://www.scg.uwaterloo.ca/~fwchapman/
When MaplePrimes displays a list of posts in a table (e.g., all posts in a particular forum, all posts by a particular member), it is hard to read the post titles because there is no separation between the rows of the table. There are several ways MaplePrimes could make these tables easier to read:
In my brief experience posting to my blog and to forums on MaplePrimes, I've noticed the following four issues:
I joined MaplePrimes three short days ago and already feel very enthusiastic about all it has to offer. Just yesterday, I introduced myself in my first blog post. Much to my amazement, my post was read over 150 times in the first 24 hours, which is more traffic than my home page sees in weeks—what a great website! I have some questions and suggestions concerning MaplePrimes member profiles:
Hi everyone! I want to thank Tom Lee for inviting me to join the MaplePrimes community. I feel very enthusiastic about the creative potential of this wonderful collaborative resource and want to take a moment to introduce myself. My first blog post includes a brief biography and states some of my Maple plans and research goals.
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