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@Carl Love 

Sorry I only noticed‘’ it was fixed last year ‘’ from John May.

@John May Thank you for your information. Which version fixed it? 2019.2?

@vv  Extremely grateful !

@Thomas Richard  Thank you for your suggestions !

@mmcdara  Your suggestion is very good

@vv So that's it!

@Kitonum  Thank you very much !  It is Good answer.

@acer extremely grateful! The method you provided is too exciting.

@acer Thank you  very much

@nm  This is a good way

@Kitonum I just login it , thanks!  It return good results just you say.
  Recursive formula  is not simple yet.

@acer thanks a lot , I learn a lot from your documentation.

@tomleslie Thanks,I make it.

@Kitonum   Thank you for your generosity. It helps me lot.

 @sand15  Thanks ! I will consider your advise.

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