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Yes, that's the lost kernel problem I get.
Yes, that's the lost kernel problem I get.
"64-bit Maple doesn't have very good performance on Windows, mostly because of limitations and incompatibilities in the GMP library. " Does this apply only to v11 of Maple ? I have v13 64 bit on windows 7 x64 with 4GB Ram and while the performance doesn't seem very slow (and of course this is subjective since I haven't tested 32 bit on this machine) I have had many occasions where I can't interrupt an evaluation and have lost work as a result of having to kill the process. Could that be caused by the "limitations and incompatibilities" you mention ? Thanks LR
Thanks Doug and Joe. We'll be using deplot and deplot3d next wee I think so this is good for me to get a little ahead.
Of course there will be infinite examples, for just FYI, my course notes give the following illuminating examples: >y := 0.2:k := 5: >sin(evalf[4](2*10^k*Pi+y))-sin(y); −0.4092089823 and even to 10 sf: >sin(evalf[10](2*10^k*Pi+y))-sin(y); 0.0000804053 Obviously these "should" be zero. Moral of the story: use the optional index in evalf with great care.
Indeed, pagan, I did try to search for queries on this topic without much success (but admittedly without large effort). Thanks for the link, it is very useful.
That makes sense. Thanks. I was thinking along similar lines, though I'm probably unlikely to have an unusually high production rate, haha ! I had also thought to use it as a "traditional blog" to chronicle my current mathematical education which involves maple.
I have a AMD turion 2GHz, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 64 bit. With no other apps running I can get up to 28% CPU in classic and 22% in standard, just with fast typing
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