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The region is not filled between  0<= alpha <= 1, only the region boundries are drawn. Is it possible to add filling effect of the region.  Please check above code with orientation = [60, 135] and clockwise rotation. Can we make front moving part filled with different color.



I am trying to ratate the region bounded by y=x^2+1, x=0, and y=5 about x=-1. I am expecting a solid shape with cylinder in the middle. But the code generates a surface only (hollow shape). How can I add effect of a solid shape?


with(plots): with(plottools):
ax := spacecurve([-1, t, 0], t = -1 .. 6, color = red, thickness = 2, linestyle = dash):

s1 := animate(plot3d, [[(x+1)*cos(t)-1, x^2+1, -(x+1)*sin(t)], x = 0 .. 2, t = 0 .. alpha, style = surface, color = blue], alpha = 0 .. 2*Pi, frames = 100):

s2 := animate(plot3d, [[cos(t)-1, x^2+1, -sin(t)], x = 0 .. 2, t = 0 .. alpha, style = surface, color = blue], alpha = 0 .. 2*Pi, frames = 100):

display(ax, seq(s || i, i = 1 .. 2), scaling = constrained, lightmodel = light3, axes = normal, orientation = [60, 70], labels = [x, y, z]);


Thanks alot. I will try my other graphs.

@Doug Meade

I can plot both curves but don't know how to add colors and rotate.

@Doug Meade 

Thanks for the solution. But I am looking for different solution. I like to draw a solid region filled with some color, then would like to rotate the whole region around axis of rotation. In above case a disk is moving over the surface.

This question is not homework related, i think moderator has changed my original posting. I am learning.


why do I need to cover cases for t<=-2 and t>=10?

is the result not ZERO?

@Carl Love 

I have attached the worksheet. But let me know how to copy and paste code as TEXT format.


@Rouben Rostamian  

Thanks, this solution worked out.

@Carl Love 


Your solution is still giving me integral form, but worked out as  Rouben Rostamian 

@Carl Love 

yes, inttrans is not required. I posted part of my code and forgot to remove this.

I used NumericEventHandler to force the function takes ZERO at t=0.

Unfortunatelt, I lost the remote connection to my office machine and can't run the posted soultion.

@Rouben Rostamian  


Sorry for posting like this. I simply copied the code and pasted here.

How can I copy and paste from maple environment to get editable code as text?



Thanks for the insight. They should include these properties in next version.

Another question,

how can I improve graph quality after exporting animated gif?

Right now the qulaity is not good.



Is there any other version that provides the facility of scaling and paning programmatically?



Thanks for showing another option, I may use it some time. But I need animation from z=0 to z=N for my work.


I am looking for , how can we control animation speed and size of objetc using programming code?

Please check my previous post.

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