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Suppose one sets a system of differental equations in vector form, say 2 ODE's, like this:


Then to solve these, what would be an easy way to do it, without having to rewrite them again manually as a set, as what one would normally do. Clearly one needs to map dsolve, and also convert the vectors to a set somewhere? I am not able to get the syntax right.

Is there an easy way to automatically convert/rewrite the above to

ode2:= diff(x(t),t)=2*x(t)+y(t)  ,   diff(y(t),t)=3*y(t)-x(t);

so that I can just do


Or, a way to map dsolve directly into the first from as shown?( the Vector = Vector form).

What is the Maple command that allows this:

magic_command( set_ );  %this will cause the display to show as below

to display as


(just for display purposes, so it is easier to see each element on its own line. I'll use this to format result from say dsolve and solve and such)

I thought to ask here on this, may be someone has this book.

According to Amazon, it shows this book


(rest of message was deleted by this amazing Maple prime software, will write it again)

The book above is supposed to new?

"Book Description
Publication Date: November 6, 2012 | ISBN-10: 1461265053 | ISBN-13: 978-1461265054 | Edition: 3rd ed. 2003"

but 3rd edition was published in 2003. Is this really a new book for Maple?


In Maple help, there are many examples, which shows the input and output in 2D. I like to see the input in 1D (since I use worksheet style, I prefer to use input in 1D, but keep output as 2D).

So it is easier for me to see the input part of the command in the help pages as 1D, since it will match what I will type.

Is there a way to change this? I searched settings and googles and see nothing yet. I am using 17.02 on windows.

Is there a way to remove the small dashed box that shows up while one is typing in document mode?
Also, is there a way to remove italic style from everything? I do not like italic at all. I tried many things, such as

Format > Styles. Select the 2D Input character style and click modify

but when I start new line, it goes back to italic.

I can also open the style sheet file (my_styles.mw) that I use, and look at the XML there. What do I need to change...

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