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how can I solve a set of first order, coupled, non-linear and inhomogeneous differential equations using MAPLE 12.

How can I solve a differential equation set of the type,

dy(x)/dx +y^2 =P(x); dP(x)/dx = R(P) numerically

How can I plot multiple numeric plots, such that numeric solutions belong to different differential equations?


can I remove tick marks from axis in plots ?

I am getting a complex solution for a physical quantity, how can I plot it. Should I plot the real part or modulus?

solution is,

C1*sqrt(4*tau^2*M^2*lambda^2+Q^2)*LegendreP((1/2*I)*sqrt(7)-1/2, I*sqrt(7), (2*I)*lambda*M*tau/Q)+C2*sqrt(4*tau^2*M^2*lambda^2+Q^2)*LegendreQ((1/2*I)*sqrt(7)-1/2, I*sqrt(7), (2*I)*lambda*M*tau/Q)


where C1 and C2 are integration constants.

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