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Hi everybody,

I have two questions about DataSummarize when used with "summarize=embed"

  1. Is it possible to set the width of the table DataSummarize returns ?
    (I thought DataSummarize used DocumentTools[Tabulate] but the option "width=..." doesn't work)
  2. Is it possible to save this table programmatically (for instance in a jpeg file) ?

Thanks in advance.





I am doing Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and I think the Biplot procedure could be improved.

When you use PCA is common to look what happens in other planes than the plane defined by the first two eigenvectors.
Unfortunately Biplot deals only with 2D projections onto this first plane and with 3D projections onto the space spanend but the first three eigenvectors.

I modified slightly the original Biplot procedure for it to handle different 2D and 3D projections planes.
The code is given in the attached mw file (original commands are written red over yellow and the new ones yellof over red).

I'm not at all certain mapleprimes/questions is the best place to post ???


This sequence of commands works perfectly well

     plotsetup(jpeg, plotoutput=SomeJpegFile);
     plot(x, x=0..1);

Why this one doesn't create the file SomeJpegFile ?

f := proc()
     plotsetup(jpeg, plotoutput=SomeJpegFile);
     plot(x, x=0..1);
end proc;


Thanks in advance



I use Statistics[Biplot] and the rendering is very bad with those huge arrows.

For the moment I fix this by modifying the definitions of the curves which draw each arrow (after using getdata to recover the Biplot structure)

Does it exist a simpler way to manage the appearance of the arrows ?
(options cb, cw and ch of plottols[arrow] are incorrect in Statistics[Biplot](..., arrow=[...]).

Thanks in advance


Could you please help me in solving this problem ?

  • N is the number of row, about 10^4 in real applications
  • P is the number of columns (about 5)
  • A and B are two NxP matrices
  • C is the Nx(2P) matrix defined by
    • its 2*k-1 th column is the k th column of A
    • its 2*k th column is the k th column of B

What is the fastest and less memory consumming way to construct this matrix C ?

Thanks in advance



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