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How I can remove this error.

also, i want to find answer via fsolve.

Error, (in fsolve) too many levels of recursion.


how I can find solutions for non linear equations.

I want to find non zero solution.

thank you

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


How I can extract data about figure as matrix format.

I want to save data from figure as matrix for each curve in figure as i.e.,  x and y .

for example as this format.

sol := Vector[column](4, [` 1001 x 4 `*Matrix, `Data Type: `*anything, `Storage: `*rectangular, `Order: `*Fortran_order])


how I can determied  this integral in figure below or compute area in figure which adressed in the following website?

how I can write taylor function for following example.

I want to gain an answer similar to the image result by using taylor function.

P27 := f(x+fNx/`Δx`, y+(`Δy`-fNy)/`Δy`, z+fNz/`Δz`)

f(x+fNy/`Δx`, y+(`Δy`-fNy)/`Δy`, z+fNz/`Δz`)



taylor(P27, x = 0)

series(f(fNy/`Δx`, -(-y*`Δy`+fNy-`Δy`)/`Δy`, (z*`Δz`+fNz)/`Δz`)+(D[1](f))(fNy/`Δx`, -(-y*`Δy`+fNy-`Δy`)/`Δy`, (z*`Δz`+fNz)/`Δz`)*x+((1/2)*(D[1, 1](f))(fNy/`Δx`, -(-y*`Δy`+fNy-`Δy`)/`Δy`, (z*`Δz`+fNz)/`Δz`))*x^2+((1/6)*(D[1, 1, 1](f))(fNy/`Δx`, -(-y*`Δy`+fNy-`Δy`)/`Δy`, (z*`Δz`+fNz)/`Δz`))*x^3+((1/24)*(D[1, 1, 1, 1](f))(fNy/`Δx`, -(-y*`Δy`+fNy-`Δy`)/`Δy`, (z*`Δz`+fNz)/`Δz`))*x^4+((1/120)*(D[1, 1, 1, 1, 1](f))(fNy/`Δx`, -(-y*`Δy`+fNy-`Δy`)/`Δy`, (z*`Δz`+fNz)/`Δz`))*x^5+O(x^6),x,6)





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