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I did use "D" as a shorthand not as the operator D for diff.


Did your proc infer the shorthand.    It is quite sophisticated for accuratly described as a pretty layout.  My main reason was for the text book layout as part of including the equations in reports.






Thank you so much.  That is sooo, cool.  I really enjoy the look and function.   

Getting my reports looking just right is always one of my "perfectionist" professional challenges.


Hope to see more and keep learning more about the document maniupulation for the layouts that I like.




The Maple team responded through the support email that the Maple CAD solidworks connection function/procedure needed to be updated for the newer versions of Solidworks.  Compatibility in Jan 2016 had stopped with SW 2013.  I had SW2015, but even now have moved to SW2016.


Maplesoft needed to release updates for the new SW releases to stay compatible.  This may be a chasing issue with the two companies.  




Just as reference, first time using this service and I'm not sure why the aswers and comments feeds doesn't have a direct reply.  My normal view only shows my original question and the first response.  Any help here would be great.


Anyhow, - I have tried all the suggestions.    The package loads fine and asnwers with the commands available.


The "OpenConnection" command doesn't return a positive connect, but responds with an error that no connection is available.    Seems like it can't find Solidworks and make the hook.   Not sure if its a Maple API call issue, or a security/incorrect request by maple to Solidworks.


I've got a duplicate querry into tech support at Maple.    Solidworks says Maple is a certified special partner.


Any other thoughts gratefully received.





@Markiyan Hirnyk


Markiyan,  not sure how this link helps.   I don't see info of the problem using the CAD package "> With (CAD[Solidworks]),  > OpenConnection"    which is returning a failure, error message.

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