Drag and Drop problems with Maple 10 and 12 running under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

June 02 2008 Celemourn 56
Upgrading to Leopard introduced some conflicts with Maple 10 and 11, apparently arising from the new Java implementation. There are a few threads in this forum which address most of the issues. However, one has, for me, persisted, and I haven't seen it addressed anywhere else online, so I figured it might be good to start a topic. One of my favorite features of Maple has been the ability to drag and drop an equation (or any content, really) from my worksheet directly into a word processor. This gives me the benefit of Maple's mathematical typesetting and computational power, and the superior features of a full fledged word processor. I've used this combination to great effect in preparing lab reports for my physics courses. Upon upgrading to Leopard, that ability broke. After working out the other kinks (installation, error messages etc), the drag and drop of equations no longer functions as well as it used to. Previously, only the highlighted part of the equation was copied, with a white background, as a small graphic. With the upgrade to Leopard, I am now getting not only what I highlighted, but several additional inches of white background to the right of it. Additionally, the quality of the images seems to have gone down significantly. This all adds up to making the drag and drop clippings unsuitable for reports and presentations. After fighting with this for a while, I finally came up with a work around, of sorts. By installing a LaTeX package, along with a program called LaTeXiT, I can highlight the equation I want in Maple, pull up the contextual menu, and use the Conversion>LaTeX option to produce LaTeX code. I can then paste this into LaTeXiT, and it produces a PDF clipping that can be dragged into my word processor. I think I installed MacTeX as my LaTeX distribution, but I'm not sure. Anyone trying this workaround should be aware that the LaTeXiT program requires a bit of tweaking when you first run it, in the form of finding the proper path to your TeX distribution. But it works. I'm curious if anyone else has run into this problem, and come up with a different solution? I tried searching the Maple help files to see if there were some sort of startup variables or something I could set to affect the drag and drop behaviour/settings, but I didn't come up with anything. Likewise for the Java Preferences app in the Utilities folder. Hope this helps someone, Paul

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