Random Maple Link

July 16 2010 John May 1842

It always makes me happy to see people using Maple for interesting things.  So I was pleased to see this blog post on Technology Review about this paper on arXiv on quantum randomness.  In this case, they are just comparing random numbers generated from lasers (this is why physicists get better press than mathematicians: LASERS!) with pseudo-random numbers generated using Meresenne Twister implemented in Maple, pseudo-random numbers generated using a Celluar Automata method implemented in another computer algebra system, and then binary digits of π treated as a pseudo-random sequence.  (Spoiler: the lasers win)

While not a particularly interesting use of computer algebra systems, it did inspire me to revisit my old blog post on pseudo-random numbers in Maple and now I am working on a follow up that talks about some of the mathematical and statitical tests used to test the quality of pseudo-random number sequences which I hope to post soon.

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