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Why is there a difference between pdetest and algsubs for a PDE?
Shouldn't pdetest work the same as algsubs for the example below?

restart: with(PDEtools):




I am attempting to apply some routine tests to determine the convergence of series with positive terms. I have run into a little difficulty with the root test. I am using surd( ) as shown below, but Maple will not give the exact value, which in my example, should be exp(6). Why is this happening and is there a way to get the root test to work?



I tried to use the parallelized Map function in Maple 16.

The following code worked as expected:


But then I tried:

and the Maple kernel crashed. This happens every time.

Any ideas what can be a reason of this?

I have a large sheet containing about three proc(). Four symbolic matrices of though small order but with complex values are being imported. There are also some other statements other than mentioned above. I have writing them in text mode.

What could be the possible reasons for connnection lost with maple though I have 4 GB of ram.



Hi all,

I have 3 numerical methods s1, s2 and s3 for solving the linear system Ax=b ,

and I have the maple script (program) for each one of the methods. BUT I want to collect all of them in one program only such that the user(person) can select (choose) one of them,

How can I do this?


Hi Guys. I´ve got a problem with the mod (mods,modp) function of maple.

I want to calculate the following congruences:

mod(4,-5) = -1 BUT maple returns 4

mod(-3,-4)=-3 but maple returns 1

and so on....


Does anybody of you know how to fix this? thanks!

Let say that you have two datasets:

z1 := GetCSV("");
z2 := GetCSV("

When I solve a systems of equations, fsolve gives the solution

{ x = 5, y= 6, z = 1}.

I now want want to define the variables x, y and z as respectively 5, 6 and 1 - but without copying the solution. Because this is a solution that I get in a loop, so it changes in every step. Maybe there is a easy way to put it in a vector?

I'm trying to separate a string of text, say "Iamreallybadatthistypeofstuff", into "Iamre allyb adatt histy peofs tuff".  I'm not really sure how, though.  I was told you're supposed to use printf, but I'm a little unsure of how to use it.


Maple is saying 'Error, Vector index out of range'. Can you see how maple executes all steps, so I can see where exactly the problem is?

I want to solve the system A - B = C to A, with A, B, C matrices and the variables in the matrix C are a combination of the variables in A. How do I do this?

Hi when i'm trying to solve, i get the following warning: Warning, solutions may have been lost.


The equations i'm trying to solve are the following:


> P := 21000;

> v := 10/(60*1000);

> r := 983;

> Cp := 4181;

> Tl := 40;

> K1 := 124.27;

> K2 := 102.03;

> K3 := 7.23;

> K4 := 2.947;

> eqn1 := P = v*Cp*r*(Tf-Tr);

April 08 2013 marc005 3048 Maple 16

quandl ( has a great feature called superset (you need a free acount)
where the user can combine different data variables (4 000 000 to choice from) into a big
dataset (csv file) that can be downloaded from a permenant web url. This a great data feed
for maple. The problem is however that you have to use stringtools (quite messy) in maple to
extract the data. Hence, it would be great to have a simple procedure that only needs the web

Why does this not work?


P := Sample(RandomVariable(Normal(10, 10)), 500):
X := RandomVariable(EmpiricalDistribution(P)):


If you fill a vector with values then RandomVariable return _R and everything works
but if you use Sample then RandomVariable returns _R0 and nothing works.
This is the kind of thngs that makes working with Maple frustrating because it is not consistent
ie sometimes procedures are spelled with upper case letters but some times with lower case letters.
Some procedures only works on lists but not vectors. In my opinion it would be better to stick to one
data type...

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