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Does any one know how to derive this model in Maple?



I've bought NAG C Library for my mac in order to use it in Maple.

However, it seems that Maple doesn't know where to search for it.
Indeed, it returns

Error, (in NAG:-h03abc) external linking: error loading external library libnagc_nag.dylib: dlopen(libnagc_nag.dylib, 129): image not found 

I've installed NAG C Library in usr/Library


Thank you very much for your help 

Hi all,

I'm new to Maple and need to solve four equstions as four variables and some parameters. The solution needs to be expressed in terms of the parameters only. All variables are real and positive and the four equations are listed below. When doing the solve function (and assuming all variables to be positive) I get very large expression with _Z and RootOf. The allvalues function does not help this. Am Idoing something wrong?


The following...

I have a command in Maple that looks like

I have managed to download data for Nasdaq, NYSE and Amex in Maple. However,
my problem is how do I store the data in a txt file on my desktop in the most optimal way.
I want an mpl file so I can schedul the task manager to run the file each day in the background.
This is as far as I have come:


CSV := proc (Url) local theDLL, URLDownloadToFile, myDirectory, myFile, Destination, DL;


Hello, I am trying to solve the following BVP,

Eq1 := -mu0*M*(diff(theta(eta), eta))*exp(-M*theta(eta))*abs(diff(f(eta), eta))^m*(diff(f(eta), eta))

+mu0*exp(-M*theta(eta))*(m+1)*abs(diff(f(eta), eta))^m*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta))+theta(eta) = 0;

Eq2 := G*(diff(theta(eta), eta, eta))+mu0*exp(-M*theta(eta))*abs(diff(f(eta), eta))^(m+2) = 0;

bc := f(-1) = 0, f(1) = 0, theta(-1) =0.5, theta(1) = -0.5;

m:=-0.3 (or 0.3) :M:=1:mu0:=0.5:G:=3:

How to update this code to the Statistic Package for the graph below?for n from 1 to 15 do num:=convert(evalf(n), string): tracker[n]:=textplot([18,0.3,`Lambda is `.num],color=blue): H[n]:=ProbHist(PoissonPDF(n,x),0..25,26): N[n]:=plot(NormalPDF(n,n,x),x = 0..25):  P[n]:=display({H[n],N[n],tracker[n]}): od: display([seq(P[n], n=1..15)], insequence=true,title="Normal Approx. to the Poisson. Lambda is increasing from 1 to 15");

I am trying to solve a problem using fsolve. Where the fsolve is inside the integral. I keep getting the following message. Here is what I am trying to do 



where Q is a normal distribution and R is also normally distributed with its parameter conditional on Q. Following is the error message that I get.

"Error, (in fsolve) z is in the equation, and is not solved for"


I am having some problem with this procedure located in the "experiment" sub section.
I am trying to calculate the win probability in a poker game pre flop ie each player
get two cards. I am trying to find out which two card combination will result in the
highest probability of winning in the end.

In the first example I simply assume that player 1 gets [DA, HA] ie dimond ace

We start by simulating a random walk:


We're trying to solve an equation in Maple, but for some reason Maple comes up with an answer involving RootOf and _Z. We've searched the internet for solutions but nothing seems to work. So I'd hope somebody here is able to help us.

Thanks in advance! 


The equation:

how can i preform this calculation in maple?

(∂)/(∂ log(R[e[0]]))(log(N[u]))

it's a derivative of a logarithmic expression with respect to another logarithmic expression, the one on the bottom is a "standalone" vairable and the one on the top is a function of the previous one and some others.

thaks in advance to anybody who might help.

Hello every one, 

Here I will recall the PDE and its numerical solutiion provided by Maple help. 

PDE := diff(u(x,t),t)=-diff(u(x,t),x);

IBC := {u(x,0)=sin(2*Pi*x),u(0,t)=-sin(2*Pi*t)};

pds := pdsolve(PDE,IBC,numeric,time=t,range=0..1);


I want to export data...

Hi, I have a maple project and one of the questions reads: 

a. | Initially, a 100 – liter tank contains a salt solution with concentration 0.5 kg/liter. A fresher solution with concentration 0.1 kg/liter flows into the tank at the rate of 4 liter/min. The contents of the tank are kept well stirred, and the mixture flows out at the same rate it flows in.
i. Find the amount of salt in the tank as a function of time.

ii. Determine the concentration of salt in the tank at any time.

I'm new to maple so I'm facing a few problems in geometry. Actually I know the solution of the following questions but not by maple. Please help me in solving these..

1) Obtain the equation of a sphere which passes through the points (1,0,0), (0,1,0) and (0,0,1) and has its centre on the plane x+y+z=6

2) Find the equation of the sphere circumscribing the tetrahedron whose faces are:

          y/b + z/c =0...

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