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How to plot x versus theta of the following implicit function


where x is the implicit function of theta

now how can I plot the relationship between x and theta(condition:-Pi<theta<Pi,-Pi<x<Pi)

How to simplify the following trigonometric expression

sin(w t-theta)+sin(w t-theta-2pi/3)-sin(w t-theta+2pi/3)


-2cos(w t-theta+pi/6)


i want to minimizez the "Eq1(h[1],h[2],...h[n])" for all the h[i] in the ranges of -1<h[i]<1.  "n" (number of unknown variables) can be determined during the code and was not know before. how can i do this?

It must be stated that when i have Eq1 and two unknown variables such as h[1] and h[2], i wrote the following code and it works good, but i dont know how can i write mentioned command for unknown number of variables.


thanks for your attention in advance

Good morning everyody,

I am trying to plot values saved in a vector but I always get the same message:
Error, (in plots:-pointplot) points cannot be converted to floating-point values
How can I fix it?



I am trying to get Maple to solve the following rather simple non-linear system.

x=k/4, y=-k/3, z=3k/8, 2x^2+3y^2+4z^2=9

However, solve({x=k/4,y=-k/3,z=3k/8,2x^2+3y^2+4z^2=9},{x,y,z,k}) does not give the expected results. Why not?

Good afternoon everybody,

I have a problem with the evaluation of a function. You can see the test programm I have written to test the use of functions and in the end I don't get values but the expression in letters.
I think the problem lies in the definition of g but I don't know how to solve the problem.

Thank you for your help,





I am working on a program to calculate steady-state probability in a given Markov chain. My code is pasted as bellow:

CalculateSteadyStateProbability := proc (m::integer, r::integer, CV, ROU) 
local P, solutions, pai, l, eqns; 
P := CalculateMatrix(m, r, CV, ROU);    #here we calculate a (m+r)x(m+r) transition martix
eqns := {`$`('pai[i+1] = add(pai[j+1]*P[j+1, i+1], j = 0 .. m+r)', i = 0 .. m+r)

Hi there,

I have

x[i]=sum(sin(theta[j](t)), j = 1 .. i-1)

x[i]=sum(sin(theta[j](t)), j = 1 .. i-1)

assuming i is integer and  i>=1 can Maple help me to differentiate with respect to time t ( for example diff(x[i],t) ) so

Use RSA with the modulus n=119 and the exponent e=7, with the 95-character alphabet consisting of the printable ASCII characters to encrypt the word "Yes". Recall that the alphabet is given by




so that Y=57, e=69, s=83. Give your encryption as a list of three numbers.

Recall that a Vignere cipher can be interpreted as a Caesar-like cipher on n-vectors, where n is the length of the key phrase. Can every affine encipherment be interpreted as an affine matrix encipherment on 2 vectors?


That is, suppose I encode a message by affine enciphering on digraphs. Can I always get the same crypttext from the same plaintext using an affine matrix enciphering (using a 2 x 2 matrix) on 2-vectors? If your answer is yes, prove it....

As discussed in , the indices change some time at run time so previously working command is not working for me.

I am trying to use 

eq3 := applyop( u->Parts( u, phi[i](y) ), { 1,10,13,20 }, eq2 );

which clearly use the 'op' to get operands from eq2, but since the indices change at every run or on some run, the code is useless. The problem is...

Hi all,

I am new to Maple and I have (possibly a simple) question. I'm solving 2 coupled differential equation, it all goes well, until I want to plot them.

I have the output in the following form:

sol = {w1(x) = [ -a*x^4+b*x^3-c*x]}, {w2(x) = [-d*x^4+e*x^3-f*x^2+gx-h]}

My goal is now to plot the solution in 1 figure with w1(x) between x=0..100000 and w2(x) between x=100000..150000

I have searched on the web for a way to get the formula's of w1(x...

I know


can convert sin(x) to expression which has "exp"

but how to produce the inverse operation?

Maple people:


I just installed Maple 16 on my home PC.  I prefer using Classic Worksheet Maple, so that I can actually tell what I have typed, and what I type appears in red typewriter font.  I also would like matching parentheses to blink when I enter stuff so I enter the right number of parentheses.  Maple works this way on my office PC, but I can't get it to work this way at home.  I could simply use regular Maple 16 (not Classic Worksheet...

Attached is my sheet. Please have a look.

Have a look at the last command of the sheet.

I am trying to extract integrals from the equaions(eq10_1, for example) using 'op', but it isn't working as expected, is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?

Second question: 

I am not been able to do sorting for all these equations, any suggestions?

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