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please in nead help in this aaplication (HydraulicsStewartPl) :

1-How  do i change the position of platform in playback mode ?

2-How do i connect this model to the out side world

Hi everyone,

I've been able to generate equations of motion for my system. I want to linearize the obtained equations. How to do it? I've been trying to find some example on it, however, haven't been lucky as yet. Can anyone please help me with this? Anticipating a quick reply!





I am trying to get the linearized model of a multibody system which has multiple inputs and multiple outputs. I initially used the "linearization template" of the MapleSim for an inverted pendulum, it worked fine. However, when I tried to get the linearized model for the double inverted pendulum, it gave this error message "problem at initial time: system is underdetermined; cannot solve for the following variables: 'Main.DFPSubsys1inst.eM_MyPendulum1_R1(t)'". 

I am trying to extract the underlying equation for a simple operational amplifier circuit in MapleSim 5.  The same process that I had used earlier for a simple resistor circuit (without opamp) worked fine and yielded equations.  However, when I try to do the same thing with an opamp (configured to do a simple amplification of an input voltage) I get a blank "View Core Equations" box in the Equation Extraction attachment. 



The input signal is given above. I don't kown how to get ti in MapleSim whether use custom component or not. Is there anybody can do me a favor. Thank you very much.


Does anyone know how to switch a joint between having a prescribed motion driver and acting as a passive joint? More specifically, I am building a bed of spring to serve as a model for haptic feedback on a Phantom Omni device. Therefore, I need to read the position of the device (which is not a problem) and then based on the position of the device calculate a force to feed back to the device.

Consider the simplified example below. In one situation I may need to give...


I have tf=0.04s but the probe plot only 0.02s at one simulation, 0.03s for another simulation ! How to oblige the probe to plot from 0s to 0.04s ?


How would one set up a multispring model in maplesim?

Actually I don't know the exact model I want to try to explore yet, but I was wondering if someone could show an example of, let's say a beam with 4 springs attached offset to one end.  On one end of the beam we inject vibrational frequencies and graph the output on the other end - doesn't matter which end - I imagine we could explore both from both ends.  How could we set that up?

Here is my example picture.


Well, I'm trying to connect a translational spring to a revolute joint. But, I'm unable to do so. I'm new to MapleSim and I ain't a mechanical engineer either. I need you to help me a little. Anticipating a quick response!


I have a simulation file consisting of a number of modelica custom componets and maple custom components. I initially generated Random Data with mean 1 and standard deviation 0.5. Constructed all the blocks and combined with a multibody system, it worked fine. However, when I generated Random data with zero mean, then I have this error/problem "Simulation Problem: maximum number of event iterations reached (100) at 1.85000".

I used a couple of pre() function with clock=sample(0,0.01...

What is the maplet in maple ? What does it help me?

What is the maple sim ? where I can download it ?

What do these parameters of Clutch mean,phi_nominal,w_small,k_locked?

And, how can I use them?

Anyone can tell me the detail?

Thank you.

Hi all,


I want to compare two signals with relational block in Maplesim, i.e. greater or equal

The output signal should be a pulsed signal which represents the intervals where one signal is greater or equal to the second signal

How to do this


How to obtain a triagular signal ?


Hi all,

I set the simulation end time tf=5000s,but after running the model,the result can just simulate to 2500s.I don't kown what has gone wrong.There is a power function in the model.When the power is set as 3,the end time can just as long as 2500 second.that is to say,the result show not greater than 2500 second.When the power is set as any other number,4 for example,it can simulate 5000 second.

please help me .

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