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How would one set up a multispring model in maplesim?

Actually I don't know the exact model I want to try to explore yet, but I was wondering if someone could show an example of, let's say a beam with 4 springs attached offset to one end.  On one end of the beam we inject vibrational frequencies and graph the output on the other end - doesn't matter which end - I imagine we could explore both from both ends.  How could we set that up?

Here is my example picture.


Well, I'm trying to connect a translational spring to a revolute joint. But, I'm unable to do so. I'm new to MapleSim and I ain't a mechanical engineer either. I need you to help me a little. Anticipating a quick response!


I have a simulation file consisting of a number of modelica custom componets and maple custom components. I initially generated Random Data with mean 1 and standard deviation 0.5. Constructed all the blocks and combined with a multibody system, it worked fine. However, when I generated Random data with zero mean, then I have this error/problem "Simulation Problem: maximum number of event iterations reached (100) at 1.85000".

I used a couple of pre() function with clock=sample(0,0.01...

What is the maplet in maple ? What does it help me?

What is the maple sim ? where I can download it ?

What do these parameters of Clutch mean,phi_nominal,w_small,k_locked?

And, how can I use them?

Anyone can tell me the detail?

Thank you.

Hi all,


I want to compare two signals with relational block in Maplesim, i.e. greater or equal

The output signal should be a pulsed signal which represents the intervals where one signal is greater or equal to the second signal

How to do this


How to obtain a triagular signal ?


Hi all,

I set the simulation end time tf=5000s,but after running the model,the result can just simulate to 2500s.I don't kown what has gone wrong.There is a power function in the model.When the power is set as 3,the end time can just as long as 2500 second.that is to say,the result show not greater than 2500 second.When the power is set as any other number,4 for example,it can simulate 5000 second.

please help me .


My problem is that MapleSim refuses to use my interpolation table, and the simulation stops, because it says the first column is not in ascending order. Seems easy to solve, but it is not! The column IS in ascending order, I even arranged it several times in Excel. I can't figure out what is the problem.

If someone has time, I attached the interpolation table.

Best regards; e6.xlsx

Hi all,

I have a modelica custom componet which has inputs from angle/speed sensors and the output is a vector. I have an error "Attempted to retrieve property of unknown component". Can anyone see mistakes from the code below;

model basisFunction
    extends Maplesoft.Icons.CustomComponent;
    parameter Real bPen[sn*sn] "The normalized output for the basis function";
    parameter Integer sn=5 "The number of samples in each axist";

Hmmm, I'm not sure if this possible but worth asking...and maybe useful for creating custom loop simulations:

I have a trajectory profile (via 1D Lookup Table in MapleSim) whose duration is for 10 seconds.

Is it possible to create a simulation with an end time greater than 10 seconds and have the 1D Lookup Table repeat its profile after it ends:

Example: Simulation end time = 20second. Thereby having the Lookup Table execute twice.

Suggestions on approach? Thanks.


I need to generate random gaussian noise and every time when I run the simulation I need to use same noise sequences. So I need to assign a noise seed. This is like Matlab command "randn(state,'123456')". There is one similiar function "randn()" in Modelica, but it just allows us to assign a seed and generate a value which is always the same value during whole simulation unless we change the noise seed. Do you have any idea to generate this kind of Gaussian noise in MapleSim/Modelica?

Hi all,

During simulation I need to use a parameter as a feedback, which is previously determined in a Modelica Custom Component. In this case, can we use Zero Order Hold (ZOH) block/function to hold the previous value? If yes, how should we choose the parameters of ZOH?


Hi All,

I am trying to apply a learning algorithm to a pendulum. The algorithm has Modelica custom components and also MapleSim custom components. I need to reinitialize the simulation  (i.e new initial states for the pendulum) without stopping the simulation. I think I have to use a Modelica custom component since there is a "if" condition and there is a function called "reinit()" in Modelica, but I am not sure how this works...


if you have...

Hi all,

I want to compare two signals where intersections between the two signals represent the instant of command (like boolean pulse) of a thyristor. The two signals are volatges and command of thyristor is boolean. A conversion of voltage to boolean signal should also done, I think ?

Thanks in advance

See image below.

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