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Hi there,


I am trying to solve a system that has 5 unkown variables. I have 4 equation and a if statment in order to solve the system as it can be seen in the figure.

The problem is that nch4(t) and nar(t) are the input variables. If i put the IF EXPRESSION before the equation i get this...

Does maple 16  work with Visual studio 2012?

I want to simulate these contact relationships by rocking vibration as shown in Fig.1.



The two boxes (rigid body) should be contact theoretically.

However, my model did not contact.

Here, msim file is attached.


I have a very simple (possibly stupid) question. 

I am wondering if there is a simple way to model a mass on a rope (or string) in MapleSim, and measure the tension in the rope. Any suggestions would be helpful. 



I have a HOMEUSE licence including Maple 15, MapleSim 5, with Driveline and Tyre Libraries. Does anyone know when the intergated Maple 16 / MapleSim 6 will be release for upgrade?

I have been messing around with MapleSim for a while now, and I cannot find a good way to model something such as a spiderweb. I want to be able to model a spiderweb (using something like cables), and then measure the tension in the cables, and also vibrations as they travel through the cables. Is this something that I can accomplish using MapleSim? If so, what is the best way to approach this problem? Any suggestions or comments would be helpful. Thanks. 

Hi there!

I'm trying to decompose a measured force (with Force and Moment block) to visualize the three components XYZ independently, using the Force Arrow block. I tried using demultiplexers but an error occur:

connection element mismatch: connect((Main.M3_1.y[1], Main.M3_1.y[2], Main.M3_1.y[3]), /*struct*/ (Main.DFPSubsys1inst.force.r_0, /*struct*/ (Main.DFPSubsys1inst.force.R.T, Main.DFPSubsys1inst.force.R.w), Main.DFPSubsys1inst.force.f,...

Hi people!

I'm experiencing lags of about 45 seconds on the interface when trying to manipulate the blocks of my model. MapleSim becomes totally unresponsible when, for example, I make a new connection. It just happens with this model.

Curiously, when I disable an specific connection, I can manipulate the model with reduced (but yet present) lags.

For instance, my processor is an Intel Core i5.

Could someone take a look at it? I will upload the model on demand.

Hi there!

Is there a way to implement a fixed delay (not the Padé approximation)? I'm using MapleSim 5. 

I tried importing the Modelica's fixed delay block, but it seems that MapleSim doesn't support the implementation...


Hi people!

Why there is not a "Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Joints.RollingWheel" (different from 1-D mechanics rolling wheel) in MapleSim 5? It is previewed in the Modelica language and SystemModeler has this implementation.

Is there a way to import the model o this joint from somewhere? If not, how could I model this non-holonimic constraint in MapleSim? 


Hi there.


I build a costum component on maplesim. It has 2 inputs and several outpus, like this:


As you cant see i get an error. At this simulation the constant where is probe1 is k=4. I have good results if n=2-~3.5. But what is strange is that if instead of a constant input n=4, i use a...

I wanted to point the MaplePrimes community in the direction of the new MapleSim training videos. These videos cover a variety of common tasks within MapleSim, and demonstrate the concept in just a few minutes each. I'd highly recommend you take a look at them to learn more about using MapleSim.

They're located here:



MapleSim has seen a rapid evolution since its inception in 2008 as a multi-domain system-level modeling and simulation environment. Market response has been outstanding: Maplesoft has been working with an expanding list of key industry players such as AISIN AW Co., Ltd. and B&R,  while major customers like

1 Introduction

Three tanks are connected with two pipes. Each tank is initially filled to a different level. A valve in each pipe opens, and the liquid levels gradually reach equilibrium. Here, we model the system in MapleSim (including the influence of flow inertia), and also derive and solve the analytical equations in Maple.


I have an inverse kinematics model for a double inverted pendulum. There are multiple solutions for each joint angles due to symmetry and I have to choose the appropriate ones. I thought I can use the previous choices and compare them with the current multiple solutions, so I could choose the ones which are closer to the previous ones. However, since the double inverted pendulum moves in in both region at the equilibrium, this aproach does not work. Could you advise...

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