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I use maplesim to simulate two simple pendulum, as the figure illustrated. The model works well. I want to let the names "pendulum A" and "pendulum B" appear in the 3D graphical view, so the audience will distinguish them...



I am very beginner of Maple softs, in order to proceed with my project i need to model a simple Human Knee joint and  to do its simulation, Somebody please help on this, otherwise i cant able to proceed with my project.


Waiting for a solution


Hello, MaplePrimes!

I want to create a custom component to model dynamics of a movable pulley, which can rotate and move along some direction (translational motion). I’ve got dynamic system, which describes both motions of a pulley. Some information about this dynamic system:


New to maple sim...

February 15 2011 cometservice 3

Hey all you clever people


I have been leaning simulink in school today. The problem is that i like maple, and would like to solve all my problems in maple

The problem we solved i attached in a zip file.

Can anyone make a simulation in maplesim, that does the same, and mail it to me?


Looking forward to hear from you


Rune Behnk Eriksen

I'm learning maplesim 4.5 for my project. I need to create a custom component for throttle area in engine modeling?

when I created I faced an error  like  'invalid input: Modelica expects value for keyword parameter parameters to be of type list (name =realcons)'


please suggest me to create the custom component. . .

I am new to maple, and looking for som tourturial to get me started. My school dont offer any education in the program.


Can maple do the same things as matlab? i have a little program i wrote i matlab. Is it possible for me to write that i maple?

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Hello, MaplePrimes!

I want to create a custom component to solve a pulley dynamics problem using MapleSim. But I don’t know, how to do it, I’m a beginner in MapleSim.

So I decided to start my work with a simple model – I decided to create a custom component, which is equivalent with a standard component from MapleSim component library – Wheel Axle.

I’ve read a Help topic on Wheel Axle, from where I’ve found out differential...


I want to make a model with an inner moving circle touching a non-moving, stiff outer circle. 2 differential equations describe the movement of the inner circle, i already have modelled thisand i have the x and y coordinates of the most "exposed point" which will touch the outer circle, as output variables (i could also add the derivatives as output). When the 2 circles touch, i want to "tell" the differential equation model the 2 new derivatives for x and y...

Hello, MaplePrimes!

Could you please tell me, how to select which variables are “input” and which ones are “output” during a custom component definition in MapleSim?

Thank you.

Maple Q's Help Plz...

January 19 2011 Sam54 5

Question: (how to do this)

Write a procedure that takes as input a lowercase text string and returns a list 26 integers.
the fist entry is a count of the number of letter 'a's,the second the number of lette 'b's ,.... , the 26th the numberof letter 'z'.

Thank you 


Could you please tell me, how can I model a varying stiffness spring using MapleSim 4?

I think, this can realized using a varying "c" parameter of a standard spring from the MapleSim library, but I don't know, how I can change the "c"-stiffness value during the modeling process.

Thank you.

I would like to know how to find an extreme (max) point of function of two variables:

and how to manage with this error

"Warning, solutions may have been lost


1.For win 8, does there exist an arm version maple in future?

2.Will it possible to use gpu acceleration for symbolic computation in maple?

A prospective customer recently asked if we had a MapleSim model of a double pipe heat exchanger. Heat exchangers are a critical unit operation in the process industries, and accurate models are needed for process control studies.  I couldn't find an appropriate model so I decided to derive the dynamic equations, and implement them using MapleSim's custom component interface.  I'll outline my modeling strategy in this blog post.


These days I thought a question:how to creat a variable delay?

As illustrated in Fig.1, if delay time T is constant, then the output is y(t)=u(t-T), so we can use a block named "Pade Delay" in maplesim to achieve our purpose.As shown in Fig.3.

If delay time is variable,namely,T(t), then the output is y(t...

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