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I am a student and totally new to MapleSim. Unfortunately I have some difficulties to solve the tasks my boss is giving me. Maybe you can give me a hint. I am working with MapleSim 4 and Maple 14.

My task is to create a system of four masses, that are connected by springs and dampers that have translational and rotational properties. So far, I build the system and I was able to connect the masses with translational springs. Here my question: How can you...


How can we use  the variation of constants formula to solve the IVP


    I'm trying to get a component to perform a Fractional Derivative in MapleSim to use in a multibody simulation (as a spring-dash pot component). However, I'm stumped by trying to get the fracdiff function past the custom component code.

  • When set to series, the fractional derivative is only accurate near the estimated about point
  • When set to LaPlace, it's impossible to perform the transform...

I'm developing an application that I'd like to use elements of an array as parameters in MapleSim components - is there a way to use Maple arrays/vectors in MapleSim?


Also is there a way to open a file and read its contents (data) as the starting point (parameter set) for a MapleSim simulation?

I have a problem.

I don´t know how can i do for working with a dynamic model equation was done in maple in Maplesim?

Help me please

MapleSim has been delivering unique advantages in physical modeling and system simulation for many years. Today we release the latest iteration: MapleSim 5. Looking back at some of the earlier versions of our software, it is hard to believe that this is the same product; from the user interface to the component libraries to the simulation engine, every part of the system has experienced a striking evolution.

Like its predecessors, MapleSim 5 is based on the Maple mathematical...

How does one go about defining a road surface that can be used with the tire library for doing road holding on hills and side slopes?

I recently stumbled upon a hypnotic video of 15 out-of-phase pendulums from a physics experiment at Harvard University.



I am trying to solve a transient heat transfer problem.

The problem is that I have an insulated pipe that is immersed in cold water.  At time 0, the fluid filling the pipe is at a constant temperature.  The insulation at one end of the pipe is different to the rest of the insulation.  I need to find out the time that it would take any fluid to reach a certain temperature, called the cool down time.

A graphic representation of the...

How do I import/export excel into Maplesim? Also how do I view mpld data files? I tried viewing mpld files using maplesim and maple 14 but it didn't work.

I'm putting together what will eventually be a rather large simulation system that I want to be able to maintain across a reasonably large organization. Do you have any recommendations for Source Code Control/Versioning systems that work with your .msim file format or should I resign our team to exporting/importing code back and forth into Modelica for source control?




I've got a question about model integration process.

I've tried to solve quite complex mechanical model and this messages have appeared.


Computing initial conditions...
Iterate re-initialization...
CreateDataRecord: using dsolve method=rosenbrock_dae
Generating configuration 1
Integrating configuration...
Re-initializing after event at t=4.94271387307997e-009...

Hi all,

I am interested to find documentation from internet in using Maplesim for power electronics simulations. Like Gradators and frequency variators etc...

I can not find any documentations.

Could you if exist any web site for modeling in power electronics and perhaps with Maplesim

Thanks in advance for any help


Hi everyone.. Now, i learn Maplesim.. I want measures force between 2 frame(a and b). which are connected by prismatic joint.

But a force and moment sensor acts as a weld joint.. so althought i measured force but frame b can't move.

who can solve my problem??

thank very much!!!

PS: i want measure force 2 frame to calculate the friction between them.

   The recent flow of spam into MaplePrimes gave an opportunity to recall some pages fallen out of our memory: interesting questions, deep answers, and rich in content posts. It suggested me the following idea which I would like to discuss with the  MP members. Maybe, it would be reasonable to create a new heading "The best of MaplePrimes" in MaplePrimes. For example, every month experts choose a few candidates to be included in "The best of MP". Then the...

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