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Hi everyone,

In MapleSim, I know that after running a model simulation, one can save the data via 'export data in excel or csv' format...

But is it possible to automate this process via a script? For example, if I wanted to see what the model data looks like by varying one parametere between 10 to 50?


for i = 1:50

   variable_in_model = i;

   run MapleSim model;

   save MapleSim model data;


Je n'arrive pas à faire fonctionner un montage simple.

J'ai un message d'erreur : (in dsolve/numeric/RunSimulation) unable to compile, please check your options by running with infolevel [ToExternal]:=1; simulation failed.

Que dois-je faire ?

Windows 7  64bits / Maple 61bits


Does anybody know how to configure the model to obtain the position constraint equations of a slider-crank mechanism as:

l1·cos(theta)+l2·sin(beta)-s = 0
l1·sin(theta)-l2·cos(beta) = 0

instead as obtained in the help-example on:

Thanks in advance

Hi everyone.

I have a doubt:

On the example at "kinematic exports help", the position constrain equations are not the same as the one made by hand. In fact, they should be as:

l1·cos(theta)+l2·sin(beta)-s = 0

l1·sin(theta)-l2·cos(beta) = 0

I know that a bit difference might be due to de sector of the angle beta. However, what I cannot undestand is why the term "s" appears multiplying to "cos(theta)" in the example.

Can anybody please help me?



Liquid flowing in a pipeline has inertia.  If a valve at the end of the pipeline suddenly closes, a pressure surge hits the valve, and travels through the pipeline at the speed of sound. The damping effect of fluid friction gradually attenuates the pressure wave.

This phenomenon is called water hammer and can cause damage significant damage, sometimes even rupturing the pipeline.

The pressure wave often produces audible sound. If you’ve ever heard...


How can I model a ground pattern, like was done in the demos of the planetary rover (

I see in the block model of the planetary rover that there is a component called "ground pattern" and it is not connected to any of the other components of the model, and this component is also not part of any default libraries of Maplesim.

Dear Maplers

I would like to define a component in MapleSim, which is difficult to write with a single equation, but rather it would be defined with a bunch of equations (a procedure). Can it be done programatically, i.e. can I write my own code (procedure) in Maple programming language to define the component? Or should I subdivide the problem to smaller steps (equations) and define a component for each of them? What would be the best way? Could you possibly give an example?

let say I have a rod(x-direction) with a mass at each end. I want to apply two different forces(both z-direction) to the ends of the rod. Also, i want the force to be always perpendicular to the rod length. The rod is supposed to be spinning. However, the rod only move at the speed due to the larger force.

How can I make the rod to be spinning(each end move at different speed)?

And, how to use the solid green(flange A)? I am very curious about this asI believe...

Hello everyone.

When exporting the model in the picture, I want the variables to be:

s_P2(t), theta_R2(t) and theta_R3(t), as in the help example.

However, I obtain:

theta_R1(t), theta_R2(t) and theta_R3(t)

How can I choose the variables that I want?


Thanks for make learning easier!


I downloaded the Modelica_Fluid 1.0 Library from the Modelica website. When I try to import this library into MapleSim5 I get the following error:

Duplicate class definition found for Modelica_Fluid.Pipes.BaseClasses.WallFriction.Detailed.msim/UNKNOWN

I then click "ok" and the importing stops working with the last message being:

Querying Modelica classes...

Can anybody offer help with this?


Hello everyone.

When exporting by an multibody attachment, the name of the variables exported from a revolute or translational joint, are set by default, like "s_P2(t)", "theta_R", etc. If I wanted them to be named "x(t)",... , what will I have to do?

Is it possible to do directly, without using an alias?


Could you pleasу tell me, is it possible to make MapleSim not to simplify equation set of my model and solve equations without simplification? I want to do this because simplification process (reduction of equations number) takes too much time in comparison with integration process.

Thank you!


Hi all,

 i have a problem with the equation generation in MapleSim, when using spring/damper elements in a Multibody-System. As an example, I've created a model of a mass-spring-damper system:





I wan`t use maple to solve my problem

x1[n]= ej*( Π/6) *n


When I export my MapleSim 5 results to a CSV file, I get only 6 digits, I'm looking for effects in the 1/1000 ppm or ppb region, I'm lost here

The global Settings window allows me to adapt epsilon abs and rel, thats nice, but nothing on the data export side.

I find it logical and usefull to have a settings on the export tab to decide on precision, and or selection of time series (usefull if one does not want all data, but just the last 100 values of a loooong run ;)

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