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However what one can do is use mapleprimes as the viewer. 

Using Ask a question (but not to post it) one can upload the file and insert contents :)

The only issue with that is if the document has collapsed fields, one would not be able to view the contents of any collapsed fields.



September 19 2015 Christopher2222 3983

use this option in your plotting command


etc.. Just add whatever words you want at the numeric location you want in place of the a b c d etc.. I show.

Look at Tangent Student[Calculus1]

See here for help as well


pointplot and display

September 13 2015 Christopher2222 3983

to get you started plot the equation a:=plot(x^2-4) use pointplot for your points then use display to plot both of them on the same graph

a := plot(x^2-4);
b := pointplot([[-2, 0], [2, 0]], symbol = circle, symbolsize = 20);
display(a, b);

I'd like to hear from the mapleprimes moderators on this issue as well.  If this is something they're working on or is mapleprimes more or less just floating on it's own now.

insert code edit region under insert menu, enter your code then hide code edit region.

Do you mean how do you stop maple from evaluating a worksheet that has code edited regions?

  From the Maple help see Setting the Autoexecute Feature

   To remove the autoexecute setting in a region

      1. Select the region to be cleared

      2. From the Format menu, select Autoexecute, and then Clear.

            To remove all autoexecution in a worksheet, select Clear All.


Or is it that you don't want the startup page not to load?

  For this one you could change the worksheet loaded at startup under the Tools->Options->Interface tab and apply globally.


Case sensitive

April 10 2015 Christopher2222 3983

It is appearing that your use of Exceltools was the problem.  Use ExcelTools.

Another option is to use something like matrixplot with the option heights=histogram


March 25 2015 Christopher2222 3983

currentdir() will give you the path of your current worknig directory.


March 22 2015 Christopher2222 3983

Please reference this topic

In a nutshell basically use windows desktop setup to alter the colors.  Failing wanting to do that you can change the font colors easily with Format->Styles or manage style sets and create your own.  As for the background (using the ref above) create a 1x1 table and change the colour in the cell. 

Speed performances for 2015 are much improved - link has been updated in initial post above - All three M algebra systems now have similar speed performances.

Maple 17 user manual and programming guide pdf's can be downloaded from here

Under View select Show/Hide Contents... then uncheck box labelled Execution Group Boundaries

This problem could be applied to a similar issue in deciding which lengths to cut in set lengths of framing.

Home depot sells pine colonial casing in 7ft. lengths only.  I have 4 windows and one inside door (both sides) to frame.  The windows are 2 - 42x20 windows, 1-30x30 window and 1-16x20 window, the door is 72x32. 

What is the minimum number 7ft framing pieces I need to finish the job? and how do I cut the wood?

So I want to minimize my waste and hence minimize my spending.  


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