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This problem could be applied to a similar issue in deciding which lengths to cut in set lengths of framing.

Home depot sells pine colonial casing in 7ft. lengths only.  I have 4 windows and one inside door (both sides) to frame.  The windows are 2 - 42x20 windows, 1-30x30 window and 1-16x20 window, the door is 72x32. 

What is the minimum number 7ft framing pieces I need to finish the job? and how do I cut the wood?

So I want to minimize my waste and hence minimize my spending.  



November 23 2014 Christopher2222 3889

It appears readdata stops reading when it gets to a comma.  Maple's readdata also regards spaces as a seperator.

readdata("d:/test.txt",string,5) will read in your data

invconv proc

November 23 2014 Christopher2222 3889

Another less desireable more complex/expensive way to convert the list back into the original number, is to create a procedure that manipulates the list created by convert using commands from the StringTools and ListTools packages. 



  uses StringTools:
end proc:






November 21 2014 Christopher2222 3889

collect seems to get rid of the negative sign and re-orient the values as well


ee := -ln(-a/(b-c));
ff := combine(ee, symbolic);
ln(collect(exp(ff), a));


Expanding on Kitonums answer we could also create a procedure

  local a: 
end proc:





October 24 2014 Christopher2222 3889

Try listplot

listplot(DataTable3[..,1])  #plots the first column of your data

In the Maplesoft application center here

Or at Mobius apps here

Various other webpages also exist around the web.

. or *

June 09 2014 Christopher2222 3889

It is possible seeing that you have "******" in one of your answers that you are using "*" for matrix multiplication instead of "." 

Ok, some time to experiment- here we go, I'll keep a running tab on things ....  Currently I have the the maxheap=1600m in launch.ini.  I have run a few spectograms and have pushed my maple.exe memusage to 1,000,576 K and mserver.exe memusage to ~200,000 K -- things have not frozen up yet .  I did a restart and mserver.exe dropped back down to 71,076 K this is good however maple.exe memusage is still sitting up at 1,000,576 K ??  Shouldn't restart also release memory from there too?
Memory at the bottom reads normal.  ~30M

Now I've run Spectrogram again and mserver.exe memusage is rising as expected (187,844 K) as is maple.exe (1,132,340 K).  I would have normally locked up when maple.exe reaches ~1,000,000 K (although initially I had not been keeping track of mserver.exe memusage)

A couple more runs and now ( maple.exe - 1,133,072 K  mserver.exe - 203,052 K ) ... still ok ... Memory at the bottom of Maple reads 136.63M
(maple.exe - 1,280,546 K  mserver.exe - 245,640 K)
(maple.exe - 1,432,484 K  mserver.exe - 312,796 K) .. still ok .. Memory in Maple 136.63M (unchanged)

wooops .. accidentally clicked on the Spectrogram graph and things are frozen .. (maple.exe - 1,482,434 K  mserver.exe - 312.796 K)  .. ok the graph has resized smaller .. I must have dragged it over a little.  

The question remains, why does maple.exe not release the memory?   AH!!  hey!  I minimized my maple window and the memory to maple.exe has dropped CONSIDERABLY!!!!
maple.exe memusage is now 75,804 K mserver.exe @ 312,796 K

I almost had a lock up so it looks like the maxheap change to 1600m gave me a little more headroom.  Restart releases memory to mserver.exe and minimizing the window releases maple.exe memory - strange? I wonder why that can't happen with the window open??  Something to do with the display drivers?  I'm not completely sure, something else maybe or Maple itself - my guess is maybe the way windows allocates memory and Maple has nothing to do with it or maybe it could? 

The good thing is now Maple hasn't locked up, great!  So now is it required that I minimize my window every now and then to release memory?  Could it be a built in process to release that memory?  Or as I mentioned above it's only Windows XP related?


May 01 2014 Christopher2222 3889

Same system (Windows XP 3Ghz 2.5G RAM 32bit) Maple Standard GUI

kernelopts(gcfreq= 2^22):  
UseHardwareFloats:= true:  
M:= LinearAlgebra:-RandomMatrix(  
    ,generator=0.0 .. 1  

M12   0.531

M18   1.156



There are lots, aside from the manuals themselves,

Introduction to Maple by Andre Heck is a classic.
Essential Maple 7
The Maple Book Frank Garvan
Programming in Maple - Michael Monagan
Partial Differential equations and Boundary value problems with MapleV
Physics with Maple

There is really no one best maple book out there. 


As of April 14, 2013 Modelica standard look up tables were not yet supported.  You can check out the maplesim datasheet here

Under interface and modeling there's only two points that may be partially relavent to your question:

- Import of Modelica libraries and models based on the Modelica 3.1 standard library
- Data import and export, and lookup tables

no specifics though.

MapleSim 6.2 and 6.3 may have added support.

using sowpods

March 15 2014 Christopher2222 3889

Using the sowpods dictionary (freely downloadable)


a:=readdata("f:/sowpods.txt",string,1):  #memory jumped to 372Mb isn't that high? reason unknown



for i from 1 to nops(b) do
  if searchtext("CIE",b[i])>0 then tot:=tot+1: end if
end do:






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