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Just curious as to how to find the Mathematics and Engineering dictionary in maple. 

In Maple 12 it was available in the help menu as Dictionary, which then pulled up as a help menu with folders a to z. 

In Maple 2016, I only noticed today, Dictionary is no longer a help option in the pull down menu.  Searching for dictionary brings up some of the files in the help menu but not sorted beautifully as M12.  In fact there is a definition list but it ends at d.

Am I missing something or is there a dictionary fault?

It's funny how Maple automatically evaluates an expression, it can be frustrating at times, but suppose the user wants it entered the way he types.


                   - sin ( 4 + Phi)  #automatically evaluates the negative outside


                   - sin (-x -y -z + Phi)


Even though both expressions are the same it seems Maple prefers -sin to +sin, in the second example above Maple has now 3 extra negatives. 

Is all we need just a double set of single quotes around our expression so that when we recall that variable it returns exactly how we entered it in?

b:= ''sin(x+y+z-Phi)''

           b:= ' sin(x+y+z-Phi) '



      sin( x + y + z - Phi)


Would that work?  Where would that fail?  Is there a better way?

Couple of questions actually,

writebytes("c:/testfile.txt","hello") in Maple 2016 doesn't create a file to write the bytes to unless the file already exists.  In Maple 12 if the file didn't already exist Maple would create it.  Is this a programming change for writebytes?

After writing to the file, if you open the file with notepad (or any text editor) there is nothing in that file.  It is only once you write in maple ..


.. that you can then see something in the edited file with an external editor. 

This is probably connected but how do get Maple to relinquish command of the file I've used writebytes on?  The error message I get is "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" I would guess once Maple releases command on that file all data written to it will be visible regardless of what filepos I'm at. 


I'm trying to view the source of the webpage

I used HTTP[Get] like I did before which doesn't retrieve much of anything useful.  I thought of the sockets package which I can't seem to pull any information from.  Then I had an idea and viewed the page source which finally has information I can use if I can get Maple to read it in.  If I can get Maple to pull in the contents of the page source I should at least be able to carry it from there. 

Any ideas from anyone?

Below and above the iterators, there is a graphic with numbers rotated in all directions.  I am thinking it is based somewhat on what I have done here

How did they get the rotations in Maple?



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