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Google translate is HTTPS.  Https protocol is not supported in the HTTP package.  I can't seem to get it to work using the Sockets package.

Any ideas?

with pointplot3d and 14,000 points when I enter symbol=point I get an empty plot.

Only when I set symbolsize=1 (a point) do I get points appearing in the graph.  Bug?

I was running some wav files through the spectrogram increasing the fft window size.  Generally just playing around.

I have run into an issue.  After running a few times the mem usage for maple.exe starts to run high.  I get it up to 600,000 K and still seems to run okay - ie able to produce a spectrogram.  However running it again at a higher window size of course eats up more memory and right around 1,000,000 K mem usage everything slows down and it appears to freeze.  The spectrogram is not displayed, after a short while CPU usage drops to zero the heartbeat circle (evaluating symbol - bottom left corner) stays solid and everything appears to stop. 

It is possible to close the worksheet in the same maple session after some time and open a new one.

Another note.  After one worksheet has ramped up the mem usage to a large value say 800,000 K (it doesn't really matter) .. when I close the worksheet (in the same maple session) the mem usage remains high even after a restart;gc():   I not sure if this has been normal throughout the ages, but I thought after closing a high mem usage worksheet in the same maple session the mem usage in the windows task manager would have updated back down under 100,000 K at least. 

The system Maple is running on right now is a P4 3Ghz Windows XP at 2.50 GB RAM Maple 18.00 stnd GUI 32 bit.  Using the spectrograms example in the application center for start.

Any insight as to why the computer starts to freeze up around 1,000,000 K mem usage would be helpful.  Also why closing a worksheet had no effect on the mem usage.  Would be interesting to know if this occurs on other machines as well.

Using the two images from the branched question I tried to calculate the offset of the two images.  But it is too cumbersome and slow, can someone figure out a faster way?

Here's what I did,

I created both jpg images into a single row vector and then into an Array.  I then used a for loop with CircularShift to cycle one array and subtract it from the other.  I then took the absolute value and added all the values in the array and stored that value in another array.  The smallest value would indicate the highest probable position that both images have lined up.

Something like...


a:=convert(convert(img1,vector),Array)  #after img1 is padded to 184x184 from Markyan Hirnyk's answer

for i from 1 to 100 do
end do:

The problem is 100 shifts takes a long time, let alone go through the full image.  Is there a faster way to accomplish this?

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