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Having a little trouble getting data from openstreetmap from export here


For some reason it always bugs me that Maple pulls a negative sign out in the solution.




The solution is correct, but one would expect it to be written like ..


.. after all that is a more conventional solution, isn't it? 

If I type the last equation into Maple it evaluates to


..again slightly unconventional but still correct.  Only if back quotes around the `c-a` are used can we achieve what we would write out on paper.  It would be nice if Maple would output the answer in a conventional manner ... at least in my opinion. 

Can we manipulate Maple to evaluate that solution into the conventional answer? 


Afterall, Maple is advertising it's "typsetting appears like it would appear in a textbook" and uses standard Math notation.  All I am trying to say is that if Maple advertises as a math standard could we also present solutions in the same manner? 

But not to get sidetracked from the question I posed, is there a way we can manipulate that solution into a "handwritten" convention?

I am attempting to have Maple pull out the Eurocup qualifying scores from here

It doesn't seem to grab the full page.  Doing a search on Portugal only finds the one match against Albania.  Similarily a search on England only finds the match against Switzerland.  It seems to only find one instance and I'm not sure why it doesn't Get the full page. 

Any ideas?

I'm using the command


I came across this website that has their price for furnace oil and Propane.  I thought it would be fairly easy using HTTP[Get] to fish out the prices, but it turns out those values on the page are images in of course a format (PNG) that cannot be read by Maple.  I don't know where that web page is pulling the prices from but it looks like web surgery with Maple will be unable to (at least not easily) wean the numbers out. 

If anyone has any ideas I would be interested in knowing.

Google translate is HTTPS.  Https protocol is not supported in the HTTP package.  I can't seem to get it to work using the Sockets package.

Any ideas?

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