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These are questions asked by Christopher2222

I saw a question earlier today regarding 3 particles in a gravitational field.  It has since disappeared. 

I see no rhyme or reason why it was deleted by someone, whoever did.  It was Math related and it was Maple related hence no reason for it's deletion.  This happened just before Mapleprimes and Maplesoft went offline for a couple of hours. 

Can someone explain?  Did anyone else see it?

Is it possible to have an information box pop out when cursor is hovered over a plotted point?

What's the best way to read data from a text file where say there are 3 columns separated by say 5 spaces.  However the first column is a column of names, just as a simple example

green beans     50     12
potatoes     20     15
red peppers     10  10
tomatoes     5     5

readdata takes each space as a column separator.


How do I work it so that I keep the name identifiers in one column?


Using ImportMatrix I keep getting error
ImportMatrix("c:/beantest.txt",delimiter="     ")
                              Error, (in ImportMatrix) cannot interpret file

Find the least number of moves and how many different ways that is achieved to win snakes and ladders with 1 die, with 2 dice, and how about 3 dice.  How to realize this with Maple?


Using plottools[line], the option for coords does not work.  It remains in cartesian coordinates regardless of the coords specification.

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