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I'm seeing older posts bubling to the top without any apparent changes.  Perhaps spam is being added to the ends of them and then being deleted is the only thing I can think of.

Funny, I can't seem to find a list of all available units in the help file.

Is there not a listed table of units somewhere?

**edit add**  conversion of units I mean.  ie.  meters, miles, gallons, litres, Pa, etc...

If a:=[1,4,2,6,8]  create all combinations of numbers with this list below 50


Probably not Maple's territory, but maybe a challenge?  Can we can get maple to do this?  Done by Matlab found here..

What is the best way for Maple to create datasets with attributes?

There must be a better way than just listlists  ie [[Honda, green, 2008],[Honda, red,civic,2004],[Hoda, blue, CRV, 2WD]] etc....

It would be similar to the table of elements using get properties. 

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