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Using with(Physics):

On an initial condition setting for using dsolve when I do D(theta)(0) it returns  0=0

I'll have to check tonight if it's a mistake on my part.  But perhaps that is supposed to happen.

Change the coefficient of restitution to 0.80 and the ball takes off through the terrain. 

Why does it do that and what is the fix?

Some maple worksheets are created in other languages (spanish, german, french, russian, etc...) , I attempted to use google translate but it is a paid service.  There are alternate free translators however I can't seem to get any of them working using the URL package. 

I'm trying to send data to

Using similar code from my previous question with google translate we end up with a huge mess and no embedded translations in the code. 

s := "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog":
result := URL:-Get(StringTools:-FormatMessage("", s));

Any suggestions?

Having a little trouble getting data from openstreetmap from export here


For some reason it always bugs me that Maple pulls a negative sign out in the solution.




The solution is correct, but one would expect it to be written like ..


.. after all that is a more conventional solution, isn't it? 

If I type the last equation into Maple it evaluates to


..again slightly unconventional but still correct.  Only if back quotes around the `c-a` are used can we achieve what we would write out on paper.  It would be nice if Maple would output the answer in a conventional manner ... at least in my opinion. 

Can we manipulate Maple to evaluate that solution into the conventional answer? 


Afterall, Maple is advertising it's "typsetting appears like it would appear in a textbook" and uses standard Math notation.  All I am trying to say is that if Maple advertises as a math standard could we also present solutions in the same manner? 

But not to get sidetracked from the question I posed, is there a way we can manipulate that solution into a "handwritten" convention?

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