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x dot produces x dot (t)   

How do I suppress the t in the output display?  The help page shows an Unsuppress all so I thought a Typsetting:-Suppress(all) would do it, but it throws an error message. 

Typesetting:-Suppress(x(t)) would do it but I'd prefer the option all.

Sorry for the simple subject.  Using unapply we can convert an expression to a function. 



               a:= x-> x^2+sin(x)

How do you go the other way.  That is convert a function to an expression?

Using the help page of DataSets,Reference (below) and executing the first few commands, how do you expand to view more rows and columns of bdata? 



int(ln(x)^n,x)  just returns the integral

Mathematica gives

What other interventions are required to get Maple to produce an answer?


I just quickly checked Nasser Abassi to see if he's updated it for Maple 2017.  In some areas he has.  I thought I would check one of the integrals that failed for Maple in his tests.  In the Computer Algegbra independent integration tests Maple failed to solve 11.68% of the 3407 integrals in his test while Mathematica only failed 0.88%.  For Maple that seemed quite high, so it is perhaps his method of solving for Maple and perhaps he's more adept with Mathematica. 

Here is one of the failed integrals and the single line code he used to solve it.

int((5*x^2+3*(x+exp(x))^(1/3)+exp(x)*(2*x^2+3*x))/x/(x+exp(x))^(1/3),x) # of course because it failed it just spits back the integral.

Can maple solve it?

The answer is supposed to be

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