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Is it possible to make a call to any of the plot options without using it's designated name?

I don't know if I'm clear enough but for example

Instead of

use some argument that designates the first and second option etc ...
for example like

There are no users with 0 reputation.  It appears all users with 0 reputation and negative reputation have been erased.  One user I can not find who is or now was a legitimate user is John Mcloone an employee at Mathematica who made a post here.  I can only think during the recent spam attack that all users with 0 or negative reputation were removed.  Some of those users had legitimate questions.  Where did those users, John Mcloone and their posts go? 

On the Physics Research and development page there are only 3 versions of the Physics package available.  What happened to the earlier final updates for Maple 16, 15 etc...

What is the latest one that can work on Maple12?  Was there one for M12?  What is the earliest versions of Maple the Research & Development Physics packages can work on?

It seems if I copy some text into one of the cells of a maple spreadsheet I get an error.

Specifically the error only occurs if a space exists in the text.  Also entering text with spaces produces the error as well.


hello there - typed into a cell produces   Error, missing operator or ';'

Similarily    5 4 we receive Error unexpected number

There is only two options for the cell properties under type - Symbolic and Floating Point.  Another option to fix this issue would be to have a Label option?  



Is there a bug for resizing the spreadsheet?  I am unable to drag the size to the full worksheet.  If it's a bug is there a workaround?

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