MaplePrimes Announcement

I’m very pleased to announce that we have just released the Maple Companion mobile app for iOS and Android phones. As its name implies, this free app is a complement to Maple. You can use it to take pictures of math you find out in the wild (e.g. in your handwritten notes, on a blackboard, in a textbook), and bring that math into Maple so you can get to work.

The Maple Companion lets you:

  • Avoid the mistakes that can occur when transcribing mathematical expressions into Maple manually
  • Save time when entering multiple equations into Maple, such as when you are checking your homework or pulling information from a reference book
  • Push math you’ll need later into Maple now, even if you don’t have your computer handy

The Maple Companion is an idea we started playing with recently. We believe it has interesting potential as a tool to help students learn math, and we’d really like your feedback to help shape its future direction. This first release is a step towards that goal, so you can try it out and start thinking about what else you would like to see from an app like this. Should it bring in entire documents? Integrate with tutors and Math Apps? Help students figure out where they went wrong when solving a problem? Let us know what you think!

Visit Maple Companion to learn more, link to the app stores so you can download the app, and access the feedback form. And of course, you are also welcome to give us your ideas in the comment section of this post.

Featured Post

I faced the issue of having to remove sections from a maple document in order to export to a pdf without the indentation and lines that come when you export documents with sections. Here is small tool I wrote that removes all sections in a maple document. It takes a target file as the first argument and writes that file without sections to the destination file specified as the second argument.

RemoveSection := module()
    local ModuleApply := proc(target, destination)
        XMLTools:-WriteFile(destination, subsindets(XMLTools:-ReadFile(target), ':-specfunc'(_XML_Section), section_handler));
    end proc;
    local section_handler := proc(s)
        local partresult := remove(type,[op(s)],`=`);
        return op(subsindets(partresult, ':-specfunc'(_XML_Title), f -> `_XML_Presentation-Block`("",_XML_Group("view"="presentation","inline-output"="false",    
    end proc;
end module:

#RemoveSection takes two arguments the first is the target file and the second is the destination file where the target file will be written without sections





Featured Post

This is a simple encryption method to hide text messages

Mentioned in Arabic manuscrips with more than hundreds years old ...


Just the place of letters in the sentence rearranged as described below :

For example "ABCDE" we pick up the First letter "A" from the left and write it as the last letter in the Right "......A"

but this time we pick up the letter "E" as the last letter from Right and place it at the Left Side of the previous one  ".....EA"

and this cycle continue until for rest letters ... "CDBEA" .

by this way the text become hard to discover !

It is Amazing that for decoding this message you should repeat the same rearrangment algorithm several times until the readable text appears as the first "ABCDE"

EXample :
















the same text appeared after 14 step cycle


Arabic Cipher


ArabicCipher := proc (x) options operator, arrow; StringTools[Permute](x, [seq(1+iquo(StringTools[Length](x), 2)+((1/2)*i+(1/2)*irem(i, 2))*(-1)^(i+irem(StringTools[Length](x), 2)), i = 0 .. StringTools[Length](x)-1)]) end proc

proc (x) options operator, arrow; StringTools[Permute](x, [seq(1+iquo(StringTools[Length](x), 2)+((1/2)*i+(1/2)*irem(i, 2))*(-1)^(i+irem(StringTools[Length](x), 2)), i = 0 .. StringTools[Length](x)-1)]) end proc


seq((ArabicCipher@@i)("AlbertEinstein"), i = 1 .. 14)

"iEntsrteebilnA", "eterbsitlnnEAi", "tilsnbnrEeAtie", "rnEbenAstliiet", "sAtnleibiEentr", "biieElennttArs", "nenltEteAirisb", "etAEitrlinsebn", "lritnisEeAbtne", "EseiAnbttinrel", "tbtniAnireeslE", "inrAeienstlbEt", "nesitelAbrEnti", "AlbertEinstein"



seq((ArabicCipher@@i)("FereydoonShekofte"), i = 1 .. 12)

"nSohoedkyoefrteeF", "yokedferotheoeSFn", "otrheefodeeSkFony", "deoefSekeFhorntyo", "eFkheoSrfnetoyeod", "fnreStooeyhekoFde", "eyohoetkSoeFrdnef", "SoketFerodhnoeyfe", "odrhenFoteeykfoeS", "teoeFynkefhoredSo", "efkhnoyrFeedoSeot", "FereydoonShekofte"







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