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We have just released an update to Maple. Maple 2024.1 includes improvements to the math engine, PDF export, the Physics package, command completion, and more. As always, we recommend that all Maple 2024 users install this update. In particular, please note that this update includes fixes to ODESteps and simplifying integrals, as reported on Maple Primes. Thanks for helping us, and other users, by letting us know!

At the same time, we have also released an update to MapleSim. MapleSim 2024.1.1 includes improvements to FMU import/export, plotting, co-simulation, and more, as well as enhancements to the Web Handling Library.

These updates are available through Tools>Check for Updates in Maple or MapleSim, and are also available from the Download Product Updates section of our web site, where you can find more details.

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This post summarizes links for those who have not studied numerical integration methods from scratch and are interested in simulation settings in MapleSim (like me).

The MapleSim help pages simulation settings and advanced simulation settings give first guidance for the trained user but do not provide explanations or links for the terms used in the description of the settings (as for example: stiffness, constraint stabilization, constraint projection, events and event iteration,...).

It can easily be overlooked that Maple help pages provide further information for most of the terms. Under the assumption that MapleSim uses the same terminology as Maple, I recommend to first have a look at Maple help topics before consulting the web or other resources. Since searching and retrieving can be time consuming, I made a list of helpful links.

There are still some open points. I would be happy for more links and help in filling these gaps.


How Maple simulates

section 4.1 How MapleSim Simulates a Model


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Automatisch generierte Beschreibung



An overview of solvers: ?dsolve,numeric

Differential Algebraic Equation introduction: ?MaplePortal,DAE

Overview of numeric differential-algebraic equation solvers (index reduction, constraint drift, projection):
 ?examples/numeric_DAE and ?dsolve,numeric,DAE_extension

Stiffness and stiff solvers

Stiffness and stiff IVPs: ?dsolve,Stiffness



Time events and state events

Event handling:

section 4.1 How MapleSim Simulates a Model

Event iteration:

section 5.5 Selecting the Code Generation Options

Iteration, hysteresis, Intermediate steps: ?tasks,generatingCode


Hysteresis in value or also in time?

Do variable solvers adapt the value of event hysteresis during runtime?


Baumgarte constraint stabilization, unconstrained dynamics, constrained dynamics

(in combination with ?MapleSim,Multibody,Kinematic_Exports)



section 5.5 Selecting the Code Generation Options

Error control


              Absolute error: ?dsolve,numeric,IVP

              Relative error: (relative to what?)

Index1 error control and Index1 Tollerance: see solvers


scalemethod (this does not seem to exist in Maple)


Examples (Multibody)


                            (from MapleSim>Help>Examples>Physical Domains>Multibody)
                            contact events


                            Throwing a ball
                            (from MapleSim>Help>Examples>Physical Domains>Multibody)

                            conditional events (with boolean logic)