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We've just released Maple Flow 2022.2. The update enhances the user experience in many areas, including user interaction, performance, and the interface.

Performance is a signficant focus.

  • Maple Flow prioritizes the evaluation of the math you see on screen, giving you faster calculation updates for the part of the worksheet you’re working on, with more math being evaluated as you scroll down.
  • We also have more users developing larger documents. Adding white space to large documents, and interacting with sections is now more response and snappier.

In response to many user requests for faster interaction, a new optional evaluation method lets you simply hit equals to evaluate math and display results.

We've also refreshed the in-product Application Gallery with a new look and many new applications (this includes a library of section properties).


You can also optionally restrict printing to the left-most column of pages, allowing you to have off-screen supporting calculations not displayed in the final report.

You'll find a complete list of enhhacements here, and you can download the update here.

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This command should have been in Physics on day one. Being more familiar with functional differentiation, and Physics:-Fundiff was the first Physics command that ever existed, I postponed writing LagrangeEquations year after year. In general, however, functional differentiation is seen as a more advanced topic. So there is now a new command, Physics:-LagrangeEquations, taking advantage of functional differentiation on background, and distributed for everybody using Maple 2022.2 within the Maplesoft Physics Updates. This is the first version of its help page.

Download LagrangeEquations.mw

Edgardo S. Cheb-Terrab
Physics, Differential Equations and Mathematical Functions, Maplesoft