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we have recieved lots of great sumissions, but we want your great submission and now you have more time.


The deadline for submissions to the Art Gallery and Showcase for the 2023 Maple Conference is rapidly approaching. We really want to see your art! It doesn't have to be incredibly impressive or sophisticated, we just want to see what our community can create! If you've been working on something or have a great idea, you still have a few days to get it together to submit.

A penrose tiling mosaic of that famous Windows 95 background

Submission can be made by email to gallery@maplesoft.com but be sure to visit the visit our Call for Creative Works for details on the format of the submission.


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The Proceedings of the Maple Conference 2022 are up at mapletransactions.org and I hope that you will find the articles interesting.  There is a brief memorial to Eugenio Roanes-Lozano, whom some of you will remember from past meetings. 

The cover image was the "People's Choice" from the Art Gallery, by Paul DeMarco.

This provides a nice excuse to remind you to register at the conference page for the Maple Conference 2023 and in particular to remind you to submit your entries for the Art Gallery.  See you there!  The conference will take place October 26 and 27, and features plenary talks by our own Laurent Bernardin and by Tom Crawford (Oxford, but more widely known as "The Naked Mathematician" for his incredibly popular YouTube videos on mathematical topics). See Tom Rocks Maths for more (or less :)

The deadline for submission to the Proceedings (which will again be published in Maple Transactions) will be Nov 27, one month after the conference ends.  We have put new processes in place to ensure a more timely publication schedule, and we anticipate that the Proceedings will be published in early Spring 2024.

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