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we have recieved lots of great sumissions, but we want your great submission and now you have more time.


The deadline for submissions to the Art Gallery and Showcase for the 2023 Maple Conference is rapidly approaching. We really want to see your art! It doesn't have to be incredibly impressive or sophisticated, we just want to see what our community can create! If you've been working on something or have a great idea, you still have a few days to get it together to submit.

A penrose tiling mosaic of that famous Windows 95 background

Submission can be made by email to but be sure to visit the visit our Call for Creative Works for details on the format of the submission.


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I just got the Maple kernel working in a Jupyter notebook : ).

No complaints here !

Access the Power of Maple in Jupyter

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Jill is walking on some trails after a long and stressful day at work. Suddenly, her stress seems to be lifted off her shoulders as her attention gets drawn to nature's abundant beauty. From the way the flowers blossom to the way the leaves grow on their stems, it is stunning.

When many think of mathematics, what comes to mind is often numbers, equations, and calculations. While these aspects are essential to math, they only scratch the surface of a profoundly creative discipline. Mathematics is much more than mere numerical manipulation. It is a rich and intricate realm that influences everything from art and science to philosophy and technology.

Just as Jill was stunned by the beauty of nature, you too can be amazed by the beauty of math! The golden ratio is one math concept that garners a reputation for being particularly beautiful, perhaps due to its presence in different parts of nature. You can explore it through some Maple Learn documents.

Check out the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio document to better understand the golden ratio and its relationships. Perhaps, once you have a good grasp on the basics, you would like to check out the golden spiral document. Notice how the spiral that results resembles the outline of a nautilus shell and the arms of a spiral galaxy!

The spiral generated in the maple learn document on the golden spiral. A nautilus shell whose shape resembles the golden spiral generated in the maple learn document.A spiral galaxy whose arms resemble the spiral generated in the Maple Learn document on the golden spiral.

Nautilus shell image: -- Spiral galaxy image:

Next, you may want to understand why the golden ratio is considered the most irrational number. You can do that by checking out the most irrational number document. Or you could explore this golden angle document to see how the irrationality of the number can be used to reproduce structures found in nature, such as the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower's centre!

An image generated in the golden angle Maple Learn document where points are packed around the center of a circle using the golden angle. The points are tightly packed around the center.The previous image is superimposed on top of an image of the center of a sunflower. The superimposed image matches the seeds' packing in the sunflower's center.

Sunflower image:

That's all for this post! No worries, though. Maple Learn has hundreds of documents that can aid you in exploring the abundant beauty of math. Enjoy!