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Welcome to Maplesoft Orientation Week!  We know what a difference math software can make when it comes to enhancing student learning, but we also know that everyone is very busy at the beginning of the school year! So our goal for this week is to make it easier for high school and university students to select the best math tool for their needs, and help them get on track for a great math year.  The week’s activities include free training on Maple and Maple Learn, discounts on Student Maple, live events with some of your favorite math TikTok personalities, and even the chance to win an iPad Air!  Check out all the activities now, and plan your week or tell your students.

Orientation week runs Mon. Sept. 20 – Fri. Sept. 24.

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Dear all,

Recently I discovered the noncommuting variables in the Physics package due to Edgardo Cheb-Terrab; doubtless there are many posts here on Maple Primes describing them.  Here is one more, which shows how to use this package to prove the Schur complement formula.

I guess I have a newbie's question: how well-integrated are Maple Primes and the Maple Cloud?  Anyway that seemed the easiest way to share this.


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Dear all;

Some of you will have heard of the new open access (and free of page charges) journal Maple Transactions which is intended to publish expositions on topics of interest to the Maple community. What you might not have noticed is that it is possible to publish your papers as Maple documents or as Maple workbooks.  The actual publication is on Maple Cloud, so that even people who don't have Maple can read the papers.

Two examples: one by Jürgen Gerhard, on Fibonacci numbers

and one by me, on Bohemian Matrices (my profile picture here is a Bohemian matrix eigenvalue image).

I invite you to read those papers (and the others in the journal) and to think about contributing.  You can also contribute a video, if you'd rather.

I look forward to seeing your submissions.

Rob Corless, Editor-in-Chief, Maple Transactions

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