Ten more Clickable Calculus solutions have been added to the Teaching Concepts with Maple section of the Maplesoft web site. Solutions to problems include examples in algebra, differential and integral calculus, lines-and-planes in multivariate calculus, linear algebra, and vector calculus.

The algebra additions include an example illustrating how a piecewise function can be defined and manipulated in Maple, and an example showing how to graph a curve defined parametrically. In differential calculus, we explore Newton's method for root-finding; look at the approximations by means of the differential; and examine the Mean Value theorem. In integral calculus, we look at two of the "big three" methods of integration, namely, partial fractions and trig substitution. In multivariate calculus, we've added the problem of finding the distance from a point to a line, and in linear algebra, we've added an example on the generalized eigenvalue problem. Finally, in vector calculus, we've added an example showing how to find a vector potential.

For the most part, these examples continue to unfold the pedagogical approach of "resequencing of skills and concepts." Where possible, the most direct Maple solution is presented first, followed by a Maple implementation of any underlying algorithms. Direct solutions include calculations in task templates, Assistants, Tutors, or Context Menu. The implementation of algorithms is by point-and-click techniques, so the additional insights generated are syntax-free. In all these solutions, the emphasis remains on making the concept clear, without having to first learn a software tool.

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