It would be good I hope to present symbolic-numeric CAE system for framed structures analysis.

It will be available soon as Preview version for enthusiasts

The main features are:

  • One calculation act - all analytical dependencies.
  • Fast designing process for structural systems in industry, consulting and design companies;
  • Fastest parametric analysis of construction. New quality of designing in optimization tasks, newest opportunities in designing work, new construction optimized forms detecting;
  • Low cost of industry  researching and designing process; 
  • Full interactive 3D Interface. Time of study and software learning process is near zero. Very easy to use interface, animation, powerful 3D Graphics and opacity features are virtually place user to building area not to computer desktop;
  • Symbolic character of solutions gives unprecedented technical disciplines study process opportunity (structural mechanics, mechanics of materials).

Some Screenshots

I will be glad to any comments or questions.

Creator Sergey Orlov, PhD in applied mechanics (applied theory of elasticity), Microsoft Start-Up BizSpark Partner

More screenshots will be soon...

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